Music Majors

Music majors need to make TWO appointments

  1. The first appointment should be with John Paul in the Music Department (to determine which music courses are needed for the major).
    • Contact: Nita Muir (she schedules appointments for John Paul) 253-535-7603
    • Office Location: Mary Baker Russell Music Center (building #19), room 206
    • Nearest Parking: Wheeler Parking Lot
  2. The second appointment should be with an advisor in the Academic Advising Office (to review your general education requirements and to register for classes).
    • Contact: Academic Advising at 253-535-7459 or
    • Office Location: Ramstad Hall (building #13), room 112
    • Nearest Parking: University Center, Harstad or Mortvedt Library Lots

If you are overseas in another country, then your advisor will register you via email.

Registration appointments usually take about one hour so that you and your advisor will have the time to review your general education requirements, to review courses needed for your major, and to register you for classes.

Be sure to give yourself enough time to get to campus, to find the building, and to find your advisor’s office.

Be sure to bring the following items with you:

  1. Your PLU Summary of General Education Requirements (in your PLU Acceptance Packet)
  2. Unofficial copies of your college/university transcript(s).
  3. Language Placement Exam Score
  4. Math Placement Results (located on Banner Web)
  5. Questions