Office of Advancement

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TelALute Student Supervisors

Audrey ’13

Major: Women’s and Gender Studies/Chinese Studies 

Hometown: Seaside, Oregon

Connie ’15

Major: Biology

Hometown: West Linn, Oregon

“It is important to give back so other students can afford to come to PLU and can someday give back as well.”

Sarah W
Sarah ’13

Majors: Women’s and Gender Studies and Sociology

Hometown: Filer, Idaho

“Your gift to PLU really does have a huge and direct impact on us, the students. So many of us wouldn’t be able to be Lutes without support from alumni, friends, and parents of PLU. Thank you!”

Susan ’14

Major: Art History/Anthropology

Hometown: Tacoma, Washington 


TelALute Student Callers

Courtney ’16

Hometown: Salem, OR

Major: English

“People should give to PLU to create a cycle for years to come. Students are able to attend PLU and have a pleasant experience through the gifts given by Alumni, and when they graduate, they can in turn give back to the university and fund another student’s experience at the school.”

Eva ’14

Major: Hispanic Studies

Hometown: Tacoma, Washington

“People should give to PLU because it is a lifelong investment in the future of many students.”


Hometown: Granite Bay, CA

Major: Business

“Scholarships are one of the main reasons why people come to PLU.”

Katie ’15

Major: History

Hometown: Riverton, Wyoming

“PLU is a school that opens students minds and gives them opportunities that are once in a life time, by giving to PLU you are making that possible.”

Lorrie ’13

Major: Music Composition

Hometown: Kirkland, Washington

” PLU strives to create an environment where students become well-rounded through academics, athletics, and programs around campus. Gifts to PLU make the school a better place, giving funding to all of these aspects.”

Martha ’15

Major: Chinese Studies

Hometown: Northfield, Minnesota

 “Giving to PLU means giving every student an opportunity to thrive and succeed.” 

Max ’15

Majors: Chemistry and Physics

Hometown: Longview, Washington

“People should give to PLU because during these hard economic times all students need the substantial amount of financial PLU offers to its students.”

Micah ’15

Major: Biology

Hometown: Houston, TX

“PLU provides a institution of higher learning to the fortunate few who are able to enter its doors; therefore, by giving to the university more and more people are given the opportunity to attend. “

Miki ’15

Major: Music Education

Hometown: Honolulu, HI

“A lot of the student body relies on financial aid (scholarships, loans, grants, etc.) to help pay for their college education. Giving back to the school means giving back to the students so they may receive the education they deserve.”

Natalie ’12

Major: Masters in Education

Hometown: Poulsbo, WA

“Giving back to PLU means giving students the opportunity to thrive and succeed.”

Nicole ’15

Hometown: Dubois, WY

Major: Anthropology