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Romeo and Julietthumb

Angus Bowmer – Saturday, July 7 at 1:30pm

Shaespeare’s consummate tragedy about young lovers swept into a catastrophic vortex of misunderstandings, secrets and fate is set in 1840s Alta California—a vibrant and conflicted time in our history. Romeo and Juliet, the son and daughter of two landed families locked in an old feud, are irresistibly drawn to each other. Defying the hatred and distrust surrounding them, they dare to believe they can, and must, be together. When you are passionately, purely in love, nothing else matters—not even life itself.

Animal Crackers

Angus Bowmer - Saturday, July 7 at 8:30pm

Hurrah for Captain Spaulding, the African explorer, skirt chaser and wise-cracking guest of honor at a posh Long Island house party. High jinks meet high society when he and his cronies mix it up with social climbers and stolen paintings. Written for the marx Brothers, this slapstick madcap musical busts out with zany songs and lavish dance numbers. Released as a film after the 1929 Wall Street crash and recently adapted, it proves that you can’t keep an anarchic comedy full of pungent one-lines down.


The Very Merry Wives of Windsor, Iowa

Elizabethan Stage – Saturday, July 7 at 8:30pm

Senator John Falstaff has lost the Iowa caucuses and is deep in debt. Hoping to unload some local purses into his pockets, the D.C. politician eyes two women—both married, one to a man, one to a woman. But in this heartland homeland, where gay marriage is legal and the state fair is about to pen, hubris gets its comeuppance. In a unique “translation,” Carey blends today’s language with Shakespeare’s words, mirrors his outrageous plot and comical characters, and unleashes, a rapid-fire, shamelessly witty twist on the original play.

Troilus and Cressida

New Theatre - Sunday, July 8th at 1:30pm

The war has lasted seven drawn-out years. Few illusions remain about the glory of armed conflict-or anything else for that matter, including love. Caught in the chaos is a traitor’s daughter whose romance with a prince is doomed as a casualty of wartime politics. Set during the Trojan War, Shakespeare’s cynical and bitterly funny indictment of the futility of war is made more immediate in OSF’s production placed against the backdrop of conflict in the contemporary Middle East.

As You Like It


Elizabethan Stage - Sunday, July 8th at 8:30pm

Threatened with her life, Rosalind flees court, disguises herself as a young man and takes a walk into self-discovery. In the magical Forest of Arden, she steps into a new world when she finds a community of rustics and court exiles—and the man she loves. Navigating some awkward comic twists and turns, Rosalind helps him woo the woman he loves—her! Falling in love and learning who you are by acting the part are at the heart of the sumptuous, Victorian fantasy production in which romantic playfulness builds to a woodland wedding extravaganza.

Backstage Tour

Discover the show behind the show on a walking tour with a company member. Tour stops include indoor and outdoor spaces. Includes six flights of stairs (not all at the same time); a stairless tour is available with advance reservations. Tickets are required and are an additional price).

Group Dinner

Your package includes a group dinner in Friday, July 6th. We’ve learned that after an 8 hour bus trip to Ashland, most folks are not up to a play that begins at 8:30pm. However, a dinner has been planned for the group at one of our favorite Ashland restaurants AMUSE. This will be the only meal planned for the entire group while in Ashland – all other meals are on your own. This is a great way to renew old friendships and make new ones. A few tickets are available, at an additional cost, for the die-hard Shakespeare fan to see Henry V at 8:30pm.

Henry V (optional – additional charge)thumb

Elizabethan Stage – Friday, July 6, 8:30pm

A gifted young English king makes a rash decision to go to war. Against overwhelming odds, Henry achieves heroic stature, leading his country to victory, conquering France and winning its princess. But the king’s hands are dirty. There’s a terrible cost in human life and ruthless acts of moral ambiguity. In a propulsive, provocative production with contemporary resonances, Shakespeare’s rousing history crowns Henry’s complicated three-play journey from disaffected prince to legendary king.