Office ofAlumni and Constituent Relations

Jenna Serr '06

Class Representative

Representative Since: 2006

Since graduating from PLU in 2006, Jenna has been working in the Office of Admission recruiting future LUTES from across the country.  She is passionate about education and recently completed her Master of Arts in Education at PLU.  She looks forward to a long career serving students in some capacity, whether it be teaching in a classroom setting or working in Admission at PLU.

Jenna loves to read, watch movies and walk her two very active dogs. She also enjoys hiking and camping with her husband. She also loves trying new foods and new recipes.

Jenna Serr
Best part about PLU: The accessibility of our president.  It is so fun to be walking around campus and run into Dr. Anderson.  I have been at football games and seen him cheering in the stands, at music concerts, in chapel where he has been speaking, and serving on various university committees.  It is so neat to be able to get to know the leader of this institution on a more personal level.