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Tim Vialpando '02

Alumni Board

Board Member Since: 2007

Tim wanted to be a teacher his whole life; he knew from very early on that teaching was his calling.  Through his time at PLU, both as a student and more specifically, as a staff member who participated in the first Wild Hope seminar, Tim learned the importance of the idea "to whom much is given, much is expected."  So, while he knew he wanted to teach, he gave back to PLU by serving in the admission office for four years.  But, his heart eventually called him to teach, so in 2005 he returned back to his alma mater high school to teach English.  Tim is in his 6th year.  His vocational journey is not over, but he is happy with his current stop along the way.

Tim Vialpando

In his spare time Tim enjoys reading, movies, theatre, happy hours and spending time with family.

Best part about PLU: PLU forces everyone to grapple with the big questions- be you an 18 year old student or a 30 year employee.  PLU encourages us to follow our wild hope, and to never stop questioning.