Office ofAlumni and Constituent Relations

Camille Eliason '59

Class Representative

Location: Tacoma, WA
Representative Since:

My vocational journey consists of graduating from PLC with a degree in Education.  Worked in Franklin Pierce School District and then joined the Admissions office of PLU in 1981 as Transfer Coordinator and retired in 1999.

Something i like to do in my spare time is playing sports when I was younger-now watching grandchildren in all their sport activities.  I also enjoy gardening.

Camille Eliason

Why I volunteer my time is because I have been involved with PLU in many ways for over 50 years, I live nearby so it is a natural lifetime activity.

My favorite place on Earth would be Arizona for relaxation and sunshine several months a year.

Something that stands out to me about PLU is the fact that PLU never stops following its commitment to students in “Educating for a lifetime of service.”