Office ofAlumni and Constituent Relations

Carl Field '08

GOLD Committee

Committee Member Since: 2009

Carl is a recent grad it wasn't until the last semester of his senior year at PLU that he started thinking about vocation and looking for work.  He realized quickly that he didn't want to work for a company solely driven by profit, but an organization that did something good for humanity.  For Carl, that has manifested itself in working for a health insurance company.  He enjoys working in a profession that helps provide health care access to millions

Carl Field
Carl loves watching, playing and listening to sports.  He also loves to cook and eat as well as explore new restaurants all over Seattle and especially in his neighborhood in Ballard.  He and his wife Christy enjoy taking walks around Seattle to explore new parks and areas that they've never seen before.

Carl enjoys staying connected to PLU by participating in events like homecoming, football games, Christmas concerts and GOLD events.

Best thing about PLU: A beautiful campus filled with people who care not only about studies, but also for others and the world at large.