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Mike Willis '72

Alumni Board

Location: Kent, WA
Representative Since:

Mike graduated with two degrees, one in Business and the other Speech Communication.  He then went to the University of Washington for graduate school in Speech.  Mike started teaching and coaching at Tacoma High School, then Green River Community College then Kennedy High school and finally Bellarmine Prep.  He has 38 years in education.

Something that Mike likes to do with his spare time is just be out in the sun. Mike also enjoys traveling, do yard work, garden, golf, golf and more golf!


What inspires you to volunteer your time at PLU?
Dedicated teachers who believed in me. Coaches who gave me a chance to play. Activity directors who provided opportunities I had never heard of.  Finally, Ron Colton who offered me a scholarship in my final semester that allowed me to graduate without debt.

Favorite place on earth?
Just to name a few, probably outside, on a golf course, Central Washington-Lake Chelan, Central Oregon-Bend, Southern California-Hermosa Beach with my daughter and not to forget Idaho-Boise with my son.  

What is something that stands out to you about PLU?
The institution doesn’t try to be somebody they aren’t.  PLU is a small liberal arts school with professional school opportunities.  A D-III NCAA school that seemingly celebrates its athletic heritage….and they should…more!