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Materials That May Be Disposed of Without A Specific Retention Period 

The following materials are considered to have no administrative, legal, fiscal or archival requirements for their retention. They may be disposed of when no longer needed for reference.

  • Document Errors: Incorrect versions of documents, forms for reports that had to be regenerated in order to correct errors in typing, data entry, spelling, grammar, or format.
  • Duplicate Copies: Duplicated copies of correspondence, forms, bulletins, reports, had copy printouts from a database, electronic files extracted from a mater file or database, mailing lists, and other duplicates used only for reference or informational distribution.
  • Information-only Copies: Copies or extracts of documents distributed for reference or convenience, such as announcements or bulletins.
  • Preliminary Drafts: Drafts of documents that represent stylistic, spelling, grammatical, or other changes.

  • Published Reference Materials: Printed materials received from other PLU offices or off-campus institutions which require no action and are no needed for documentation purposes. (Note: two copies of all PLU publications are transferred to Archives for historical purposes by University Publications at time of printing.)

  • Requests for Information: Routine memos or forms used to request, or respond to requests, for information.

  • Routing Slips: Memos used to direct the distribution of a document.

  • Transmittal Information: Memos and facsimile cover sheets which accompany a document, but do not add any substantive information to the transmitted material