Scandinavian Immigrant Experience

Personal & Organizational Histories

Below you will find a listing of all personal and organizational histories held by the Scandinavian Immigrant Experience Collection.

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Guide to the Baalson Family History
Centennial booklet for the descendants of Norwegian immigrants Kari and Ellen Baalson who came to America from Flaa, Hallingdal in 1861. 

Guide to the Ole Bakken Autobiography

Short autobiographical sketch of the life of Norwegian immigrant Ole Bakken, born in Trondheim in 1924. Ole and his wife Alta Jane (Vaswig) had three children. Alta died in 1984, and Ole later remarried to Diana E. Borge. This account was written for his grandchildren and dated June 21, 1990.

Guide to the Berggren Family History
Family history of the Berggren family, beginning with Johan Olofsson, born circa 1620. He was married to Karin (last name unknown), born in 1631, died in 1706. They had four children. Olofsson was a miner on the Saxan farm and was a juror and county judge until 1679. He was a member of parliament for several terms. The history is written in Swedish, first published in 1908.

Guide to the Bergström-Ersson Family Papers

The family history describes the Ersson and Bergström families by concentrating on the lives of Anna Ersson Bergström and Sven Bergstrom. Included in the family history is a family tree of both families, a copy of Sven Bergström’s citizenship papers, and a copy of the patent deed issued to Tarkeld Willisson for the homestead Sven and Anna bought.

Guide to the Hilda Marie Black Papers

Memoirs of former Tacoma resident Hilda Marie Black, born in 1884 in North Dakota. This file includes newspaper clippings and her obituary.

Guide to the James Bramblet Autobiography
Autobiography of James Bramblet titled “Privies, Charivaris and Bedbugs or Life on the Farm in the Olden Days.” James Bramblet was born on Big Bear Ridge and the story covers his life on the family farm in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Guide to the Brodin Family Papers
The Brodin family papers consist of manuscripts pertaining to Old Brodin, born in Alster, Sweden, 1809, an overview of the Brodin family, a map of Dalsland, letters from Carl Brodin to family members, John Brodin’s certificate of citizenship, articles, family photographs, and a first through tenth generations list.

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Guide to the William N. Danielson Collection
William Danielson describes his visit to Öland, Sweden in the summer of 1967

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Guide to the John and Krisitine Erikson  Family History
Family history of John and Kristine Erickson written by their daughter, Mamie Seymour. John and Kristine Erickson left Mora, Sweden, and traveled to America with their children in 1882.

Guide to the Evan I. Evanson Biography

Biography of Norwegian immigrant Evan I. Evanson from Jämtland, Östre Toten, Norway.

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Guide to the Nils P. Frostensson Family History

Nils P. Frostensson was born January 12, 1854, in Näsum Parish, Kristianstad Province, Sweden.
He became a teacher and retired in 1911, often visiting his home community during his retirement years.

Guide to the Stephen Forslund Collection

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Guide to the Mathilde Hader Papers
Transcript of interview of Mathilde Hader, born Mathilde Georgine Chistiansen, July 25, 1897, in Oslo, Norway. She recounts details of her family history and the story of her life and her career as a teacher and home economist in Norway and the United States. She worked as the first executive secretary for Consumer’s Research, taught at New York University, and held a master’s degree from Columbia University. She died February 18, 1988, in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Guide to the Knut Pedersen Haslerud Papers
Knut Pedersen Haslerud was born February 3, 1824 in Rollag, Numedal, Norway. He writes about poor times in Norway before coming to America. He died in 1899.

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Guide to the John August Johnson Papers

Guide to the Johnson Family correspondence
Correspondence between Hanna and Johan Johnson in Washburn, Wisconsin and Johanna Svensdotter in Stora Svenstorp, Sweden

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Guide to the Kjesrud Family Collection
The author of this work is Joseph O. Rude, and it is based in part on research conducted by Professor Helge Frøyseth of Norway. It is the story of the Kjesrud family of Norway, dating back to 1635, with historical and genealogical information, including the story of those who moved to North America in the late 1800s.

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Guide to a Biographical sketch by Johan Mattson
History of the Mattson Family from Orkdalen, Norway.

Guide to the Thor Meland Collection
Collection includes the biography of Norwegian immigrant Thor Meland, born in 1861 near Vetlefjord, Norway, along with pictures of the Meland family.

Guide to the A.B. Moe Papers

Autobiography of A.B. Moe, a Norwegian immigrant who came to America in 1881. He lived in Poulsbo, Washington, for 41 years and served as its first Mayor. 

Guide to the Christian J. Muri Autobiography
Christian J. Muri was born in 1871 in Nordre Bergenhus, Norway, and came to America in 1893. He farmed for a living, raised a family in Montana, and was proud to be an American.

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Guide to Nils-Harald Tornbacken’s Family History

The life and history of Swedish immigrant Nils-Harald Tornbacken and his family.

Dagny Unsgard Nygaard Collection
The life story and family history of Norwegian immigrant Dagny Unsgaard Nygaard, born 1899, who came to America circa 1930.


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Guide to the Jonas Olson Family History
The Olson family papers tell the story of Jonas Olson who emigrated to America in 1861. In 1864 homesteaded in Alfsborg Township, Sibley County, Minnesota where he me his wife Anna Britta Hed. The family history tells the story of their life and that of their descendants. The family history also includes the story of John Olson who married Josephine, daughter of Jonas and Anna Britta. The story was researched and written by Gilbert R. Olson. The family begun in 1977 and ended in 1979.

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Guide to the Pacific Coast Singers Association. Sangerfest.
Programs of the Norwegian Singers Association of America Sangerfest

Programs / Photographs

Guide to the Pederson Saga

The Pederson Saga is the family history of Norwegian immigrant Paul Pederson who came to America in 1912, became a citizen in 1919, and eventually moved to Lakewood, Washington. He and his wife Magda raised two children and were long-time members of the First Lutheran Church, which Paul helped to build in 1921. Paul died on 10 December 1971 and Magda died on 23 May 1972.

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Guide to the Olaf Rydjord  Papers

Olaf Rydjord was born in Norway on 8 April 1866 to O. J. and Eldri Rydjord. At age twenty-four, he went to the United States. The collection consists of a biographical sketch and personal papers of Olaf Rydjord.

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Guide to the Sigdalslaget Album

Guide to the Carl Fredrik Solberg Papers

Carl Frederick Solberg was born in Kristiania, Oslo, Norway, in 1833 and came to America in 1853. In 1857 he became editor of the Norwegian-language paper “Emigraten,” becoming publisher in 1860. He was war correspondent for the paper during the Civil War, and in 1872 founded another paper, the “Minnesota.” He died in 1924 at age 91.

Sons of Norway

Guide to the Malene Steen Autobiography
These are the reminiscences of Malene Steen, a Norwegian immigrant who came to this country in 1870. She never learned English, but wrote her story in 1922. It was translated from the Norwegian by the Norwegian Historical Association in March, 1979.

Guide to the Storla Family History Collection

The Storla family history describes the history of the family, from Gol, Hallingdal, Norway.  It also includes information about Norway and about their lives as pioneers in North America.

Guide to the Magnar Strand Autobiography

An autobiography of Magnar Strand, a Norwegian immigrant.

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Guide to the Tollefson Family History Collection
Family history of Norwegian immigrant families the Tollefsons and Egstads written by Arnold Hagen in 1976. Biographies are written for the following children of Tollef and Berte Egstad: Lars Tollefson Egstad-Frydenlund, Ole Tollefson Egstad, Anna Karine Tollefsdatter Egstad, Jens Tollefson Egstad, Kristian Tollefson Egstad, Tonetta Tollefsdatter Egstad, Lauritz Tollefson Egstad, Andreas Tollefson Egstad, Bernt Tollefson Egstad. There is also a chronology from 1720 to 1911 and a geographical index.

Guide to the Carl O. Tweiten Autobiography
This collection consists of the autobiography of Carl O. Tweiten, born 1909, Deming, Washington, notably an account of his adventures in Alaska in the 1930s, and a description of Sirdal, Norway, where he lived from age eleven to eighteen.

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Guide to the Knut Vaa Biography
Story of the Vaa family, and of Norwegian immigrant Knut Vaa, who came to America in 1876 and later moved his family from Minnesota to Washington State. The collection consists of a biography of Knut Vaa written by his son, Edwin Vaa. It contains information on emigration, settling in, and family life. It also includes a section with information on the descendants of Knut and Gunhild Vaa.

Guide to the scrapbook Viking Med Officerer og Mandskab

Scrapbook dealing with the history and crew members of the “ Viking” with its officers and crew that sailed from Norway across the Atlantic to the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893.

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Guide to the translation of the book of the Fifteenth Wisconsin  Regiment

Translation of Kristofer Janson’s book The Fifteenth Wisconsin by Harry T. Cleven

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