Students may choose among degrees in Art History (BA) or Studio Arts (BA or BFA); a specific specialized program for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in which each candidate develops an area of competence; or a degree program in art education for teaching on several levels. The various fields of art are competitive and demanding in terms of commitment and effort. Nonetheless, there is always a place for those who are extremely skillful or highly imaginative or, ideally, both. Instructional resources, when coupled with dedicated and energetic students, have resulted in an unusually high percentage of graduates being able to satisfy their vocational objectives. Majors are urged to follow course sequences closely. It is recommended that students interested in majoring in art declare their major early to ensure proper advising. Transfer students’ status shall be determined at their time of entrance. The department reserves the rights to retain, exhibit, and reproduce student work submitted for credit in any of its courses or programs, including the senior exhibition. A use or material fee is required in certain courses.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Studio Arts

  • Ceramics
  • Graphic Design
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture

Bachelor of Arts

  • Art History Major
  • Studio Arts Major


  • Studio Arts
  • Art History
  • Publishing and Printing Arts

Students pursuing a B.F.A. or B.A. in Studio Arts may minor in Art History, but not Studio Arts, which is reserved for non-majors.

Art and Design Courses Available

ARTD 101Drawing 1 - AR4AR
ARTD 1022D Design/Color Theory - AR4AR
ARTD 110Graphic Design 1 - AR4AR
ARTD 180History of Western Art I - AR4AR
ARTD 181History of Western Art II - AR4AR
ARTD 190FYEP190: Inquiry Seminar4F
ARTD 201Drawing 2: Figure Drawing - AR4AR
ARTD 2023D Design - AR4AR
ARTD 210Graphic Design 24
ARTD 220Photography I: BW Photography - AR4AR
ARTD 230Ceramics 1 - AR4AR
ARTD 250Sculpture 1 - AR4AR
ARTD 280Art Methodology and Theory - AR4AR
ARTD 287Special Topics in Art - AR1AR
ARTD 288Special Topics in Art - AR1AR
ARTD 289Special Topics in Art - AR1AR
ARTD 291Directed Study1
ARTD 310Graphics Design 34
ARTD 320Photography 2: Digital Photography - AR4AR
ARTD 330Ceramics 24
ARTD 350Sculpture 24
ARTD 3553D Digital Modeling - AR4AR
ARTD 365Painting I4
ARTD 370Printmaking 14
ARTD 380Modern Art - AR4AR
ARTD 381Contemporary Art - AR4AR
ARTD 382Art of 19th-Century Europe - AR4AR
ARTD 383Studies in Art History - AR4AR
ARTD 387Special Topics in Art - AR1AR
ARTD 388Special Topics in Art - AR1AR
ARTD 389Special Topics in Art - AR1AR
ARTD 410Graphic Design 44
ARTD 420Photography 3: Color Photography - AR4AR
ARTD 425Photography 4: Lighting Environments4
ARTD 430Ceramics 34
ARTD 450Sculpture 34
ARTD 465Painting 24
ARTD 466Painting 34
ARTD 470Printmaking 24
ARTD 480American Art to 1900 - AR4AR
ARTD 483Studio Practice1
ARTD 484Research in Art History - Theory1
ARTD 487Special Topics in Art1
ARTD 488Special Topics in Art - AR1AR
ARTD 489Special Topics in Art1
ARTD 490Gender and Art - A, AR4A, AR, ??
ARTD 491Independent Studies: Special Projects1
ARTD 495Internship1
ARTD 499AKeystone - SR1SR
ARTD 499BCapstone - SR1SR

Printing and Publishing Arts

PPAP 301The Book in Society4
PPAP 302Publishing Procedures4
PPAP 321The Art of the Book I - AR4AR
PPAP 322The Art of the Book II - AR4AR
PPAP 491Independent Study1