Art Department

It's the place for you

typesetWhy the Department of Art and Design?

The art and design programs at PLU stress individualized development in the use of mind and hand. 

An art student at PLU is able to chart their own path through a variety of artistic styles and media. Students use methods ranging from a ten thousand-year-old technique to make pots to cutting-edge and industry standard technology to generate high-tech computer images. Art history and theory courses engage students in critical analysis of major artistic movements from the prehistoric to contemporary world.

Classes are small. Students receive individualized attention from professors and peers, and are able to focus their concentration.

Why PLU?

At Pacific Lutheran University you will be challenged to achieve at the peak of your ability, given support to meet that challenge and, as a result, find success both in college and in your chosen career. You will receive individual attention and be challenged to explore beyond the textbooks, to seek life's purpose. You will be prepared to lead and to make a difference in the world. Challenge. Support. Success. This is the PLU experience. 

Why Tacoma, Washington?

PLU is also just minutes away from downtown Tacoma and the world famous Museum of Glass, the Tacoma Art Museum and the Washington State History Museum as well as a multitude of shops, farmer's markets and cafes. The short drive to Seattle gives you the opportunity to enjoy big-city entertainment like the Experience Music Project or major league ballgames at beautiful Safeco Field. And given that the Seattle-Tacoma area is situated on the vibrant and culturally diverse Pacific Rim, there is no shortage of opportunities – from tracking down Asian cuisine and cultural delights to taking day hikes at Mt. Rainier to starting an internship at a global trading company. Tacoma is a place of creative synergy and we welcome you to explore our dynamic city.

In PLU’s Parkland neighborhood, you’ll hardly have to step foot off campus to eat at some of Tacoma’s best restaurants, including great Italian food at Marzano, Farrelli's Wood Fired Gourmet Pizza, Pita Pit or PLU’s own 208 Garfield.

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