Kevin De Jong
De JongName: Kevin De Jong
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Bachelor of Science in Clinical Kinesiology with a focus on Pre-Physical Therapy

It is my goal as ASPLU Senator to serve my student body in a Christ-like God-fearing manner, giving my utmost to uphold the ideals that will move PLU in the right direction.

I will work to make sure all students are represented equally and all opinions held fairly. I will be the voice for those who want to speak up and hand for those who need help. It is my goal to uphold diversity in all meanings of the term, and I want to ensure that the experience you have on campus is the best experience you have ever had. As your ASPLU senator, your best interest will be my best interest.

•    Vice President of the Student body in high school
•    Captain of my high school basketball team
•    TA for Biology 225 lab
•    Served as ASPLU Senator in 2012-2013
      o    Completed a project to place card swipe access on Ingram and the Keyboarding room in MBR

I do not have many named qualifications, but I have the capabilities of student leadership. I care about everyone I meet because I know that even though we may be different, we are still all people. Because I care for people, I take interest in their enjoyments. I have the ability to lead because I have strong convictions that will keep me in the correct line to aid others, and I have a strong voice to use for speaking for others. Growing up on my family’s farm, I developed both discipline and a strong worth ethic needed to get the job done. In all, I have what it takes to help lead the students of PLU and ensure that they are well represented in all areas of campus life.

Andy Jensen
JensenName: Andrew (Andy) Jensen
Year in School: First Year
Major: Business Major, German Minor

I am a qualified individual for the position of ASPLU Senator At-Large for several reasons. At PLU thus far, I have participated in Varsity Cross-Country and have been an active member of the German Wing in Hong Hall. I am a diverse individual with the necessary energy to further the presence of ASPLU on campus.

ASPLU is an integral part of this campus. They are the students’ voice so to speak, and they stand for what the student body desires. Gender-Neutral Housing was a great step forward for this campus, but I believe it could go further. If elected I would like to push for gender-neutral wings in all residence halls. As children we grew up in an environment that was gender neutral, and there were no issues with that, based on gender. If PLU is going to continue in a positive path that is accepting of all walks of life, I believe this is an essential step.

As a student athlete I have been able to see the differences in the allocation of funding and resources for athletic programs as well as other programs on campus. Ordinary student programs are vastly underfunded compared to our athletic teams who are offered lodging, food, and stipends while on competitive trips. If elected I will strive to increase resources and funding available for student run programs.

We are a university isolated in a densely populated area because students aren’t given enough opportunities to get off campus. I would like to encourage the idea of weekend shuttles to both Tacoma and Seattle so that students may have an inexpensive way to leave campus for the day and explore the environment we live in.

Sophia Ro Ro
Sophia Ro
Year in School: Junior
Major: Communication (conc. Advertisement/Public Relations)
Minor: Chinese Language

•    1 year as ASPLU Senator At-Large
•    1½ years as a Resident Assistant
•    2 years on the PLU Women's Tennis Team

Goals for ASPLU
•    Represent unheard student voices
•    Focus on student rights and equality
•    Increase community outreach
•    Expand reach and participation for ASPLU-sponsored events

Grace Takehara
TakeharaName: Grace Takehara
Year in School: First-Year
Major: Business Administration-Marketing

•    Executive ASB president while at La Conner High School (senior year, 2011-2012)
•    Sophomore (2009-2010) and Junior class (2010-2011) President while at La Conner High School
•    LollaPLUza committee member for advertising

Goals for ASPLU
•    Defining a clear focus and common interest among the PLU community and student body.
•    Creating effective and efficient communication to students of PLU opportunities, events and various student organization activities.
•    Raising student attendance and morale around PLU sporting events, art performances and other, on campus activities that are offered.
•    Connecting PLU's students to the surrounding community and vice versa.
•    Making sure ALL of PLU's student and extracurricular activities have the resources they need to be successful.
•    Continue to encourage and support sustainability practices among the PLU community and students.
•    Support all students and provide them the encouragement they need to be successful and confident.
•    Represent the interests of my constituents.

Miranda Winter
WinterName: Miranda Winter
Year in School: Freshman (Junior in credits)
Majors & Minors: Social Work Major, Dance Minor

•    Highly responsible and reliable with tasks
•    Enthusiastic, passionate, and energetic
•    Leadership abilities
•    Organized and hardworking
•    Have managed and volunteered at events

o    Lutherhaven Summer Camp - planned games and theme night
o    Vacation Bible School - created lesson plan and sketches for a week-long day camp along with other students
o    Volunteered at Special Olympics
o    Planned youth nights at church
o    Helped create Senior Video in high school)

Project Management
•    One of the leaders for a Girl's Conference (2012 & 2013) at a church, I collaborated with three other senior girls to develop a weekend of events for teen girls.
•    Personally created flyers and registration forms for event.
•    Found speakers and helped get speakers involved in order to inspire confidence and develop the younger girl's relationship with themselves, others, and God.
•    Created games for the event.
•    Supervised event, and led small groups.

Goals for ASPLU
•    Help connect PLU students and create more school spirit.
•    Make sure all the programs and sports have the resources they need (specifically the dance program, and other underrepresented programs).
•    I love PLU and want our community to become even better for its students, and hopefully by being a senator I can be a voice that will vouch for the students and their concerns/wants for PLU as well as my own.