Naomi Bess

Name: Naomi BessBess
Year in School: Junior
Major: Communication with PR/Advertising concentration

I just transferred to Pacific Lutheran University this year and I am qualified to be an ASPLU’s Senator because I am a person for others, I possess a diverse background, and I care about the campus.

As a transfer student I can attest to the struggles of entering a new environment.  Though it is my first year at PLU, I have made new friends and stepped out of my comfort zone. I did this by trying new things, which include getting an on-campus job, attending sporting events, and signing up for volunteer opportunities. In the past, I was a floor representative for dorm government at Washington State University. In this position I assisted in planning events and encouraging participation in dorm activities. It was a positive experience and I hope to have a similar one at PLU.

Goals for ASPLU:
Entering campus as a junior was scary but with the assistance of the kind students, faculty, and staff I entered in smoothly. It is for this reason that I want to be a Senator. I would love to help new students transition effortlessly into PLU. I have not been on campus long so I plan on listening to the voices of the people and working closely with the student body to help make PLU an even better university to attend.

Bastian McKeen

Name: Bastian McKeenMcKeen
Year in School: Freshman/First-year
Major: Intending to double major in Secondary Education and Political Science with a minor in American History.

I devoted a majority of my high school career to the Rogers High School (in Puyallup) hand-selected leadership team. Within the team I held numerous positions and headed many successful events that encouraged the Roger's school motto, "Every day for every kid." The events I was in charge of and helped with were usually successful. Not only did they do well fiscally, they also did well in promoting a general sense of well-being and harmony in our large and diverse school. The range of events I've lead and helped with is wide and varied. From assemblies to sports games to dances and everything in-between, I've done my best to make each event stand out among the rest in the schools long history. Outside of my high school experiences, I have gained good communication and listening skills through my job at the local Aeropostalé in the South Hill Mall.

Goals for ASPLU:
If I am elected to a senate position I would love to be able to accomplish a better sense of school spirit. It has come to my attention that attendance at sports games, specifically football, is low due to the issue of a lack of transportation to and from the stadium. While those that do go are more than spirited, I believe that everyone should have equal access to attend these games and I hope to achieve this goal with the collective help of the student body and faculty. I also fully intend to give a voice to those who feel unspoken for within our school. Though our leaders do a spectacular job in trying to represent all students, the ones that will slip between the cracks are the ones that, arguably, need their voices heard the most and I believe that while I am able to represent all students, I can represent especially the ones that feel uninvolved within our school's community.

Kalina Springer

Name: Kalina Springer Springer
Year in School: First Year I am in my 1st year (Class of 2017) here at PLU.
Major: I am a Biology intended Major with a German double major and a possible Business minor.

I have been a volunteer for my school's choir directed fundraiser for several years, have been a cispus outdoor camp counselor, have been the treasurer for my high school's elite choir, and have been a member of the drama club, choir, basketball team, swim team, and rowing team during my high school years. I also have office assistant experience.

Goals for ASPLU:
My goals for ASPLU include:

• Finding a way to include freshmen (incoming students) more in the fun stuff.
• Increasing freshmen attendance at sports, choir, and other events supporting their peers.
• Getting information to freshmen sooner so they can start planning + informing them about what ASPLU is talking about at meetings
• Requests for new clubs, educate them on how to start them, have a forum for them to be able to share their interest and see who else is interested.

I have lots of fun ideas! Just need to be a part of ASPLU so I can start acting on some of those ;)