Carissa Hoff

Name: Carissa Hoff
Year in School: Freshman
Major: Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. Minor in Dance

Lakes High School Concert/Studio Choir Vice President and Soprano 1 section leader, and Lakes High School Dance Team Co-Captain

Goals for ASPLU:
I would love to be able to help students that are dealing with depression. During the end of my junior year and throughout my senior year, I was dealing with depression but didn't recognize it until March of 2013. I had been noticing that I wasn't enjoying things as much anymore and didn't find interest in doing anything but being by myself. Over the year I dealt with being bullied by the dance team head captain, friendship drama, grade problems, and the stress of being in my first real relationship. In March, my whole world seemed to fall apart when the dance season came to a close and at the same time my breakup with said boyfriend. I didn't want to talk to anyone about what happened because I was afraid to look weak, so I hid away in my room until one day my parents came in and yelled at me about how I was no longer myself. That was when I realized that I was dealing with depression, and I went searching for help because I knew I had a serious problem. I know some people don't want to find help even though they know they need it, and I want to be able to offer my assistance. I want to help students talk through what they’re dealing with and even if they decide not to find help, I hope that I at least made a difference to them so that they won't go toward the idea of suicide. I want to help decrease the suicide rate in teens and young adults and make a difference in the PLU community.

Ellie Lapp

Name: Ellie LappLpp
Year in school: First year
Majors: I plan to double major in Global Studies and Political Science

I have four years of experience in student government: one year as a representative, two years as Vice President of my class, and one year as Student Body Secretary. I also have a lot of public speaking and leadership experience from speech and debate and being the president of my youth group, captain of my high school's color guard, and board member of my local shelter for survivors of domestic violence.

Goals for ASPLU:
As a part of ASPLU I want to focus on projects promoting social justice and be a voice for positive change at PLU. I also want to be involved in organizing all types of events and making sure that all voices of the student body are heard when important decisions are made.

Emma Southard

Name: Emma Southard

Year in School: Freshman

Major: Engineering

President of Steilacoom High School's Math Team, previously secretary
ASB rep for Montesano High School's Choir

Goals for ASPLU:
To help create a sense of community within PLU, to teach people more about recycling, to help students get their voices heard, and to create more fun and relaxing social events for students to de-stress.