Dania Tolentino

Name: Dania TolentinoTolentino
Year in school: Junior
Majors & minors: Communication major with a concentration in advertisement and public relations and a minor in business.

To the best of my ability I am able to work, understand and motivate people well, individually or in groups. I'm a positive person, excited to learn from my experiences. I'm fluent in Spanish, a good communicator, and comfortable being uncomfortable.

Goals for ASPLU:
• I would like to see more commuter students involved on campus, to feel more a part of the PLU community.
• Use all the resources we have on campus to their full potential, to benefit the PLU faculty and student body.
• I would like to improve the way we advertise what's going on around the PLU community to the whole student body in a more efficient way.
• Get the students voice and their opinions heard on what they want to see in order to make their college experience great.