Neal Cabanos
CabanosName: Neal Cabanos
Year in School: 2nd Year
Major: Business Administration, Finance Concentration

I own and operate my own financial services business, licenses and everything, so I have real world experience. I associate many of the commuters on a daily basis and know what they want and need. Humanitarian.

Goals for ASPLU
To enhance the experience of my fellow peers by getting them more involved with on and off campus activities. We are the leaders of tomorrow, my other main goal is to play my role in giving my peers the college experience necessary in order to turn us into the leaders our country may need someday.

Jessica Lafferty
LaffertyName: Jessica Lafferty
Year in School: First-Year
Majors & Minors: Biology major and Chemistry minor

•    ASPLU Senator 2012-2013
•    Ignite Executive Mentor 2011-2012

Goals for ASPLU
•    To strengthen the PLU and Parkland community through dialogue and engagement
•    To increase student voice and act as an advocate for equitable and just legislation
•    Work to cultivate a more approachable Senate and increase transparency

During my service as an ASPLU Senator in this last year, I have seen an increased need for an ally and advocate for equitable and just legislation. It has always been ASPLU's mission to accurately represent the Student Body, and I believe that as an Off-Campus Senator, I will be able to better fulfill that mission by reaching out to our Off-Campus students that are under-represented. With this, I want to see ASPLU grow to become a more transparent and approachable organization.

Above all, I am YOUR advocate and ally!

Stephanie Miller
MillerName: Stephanie Miller
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Psychology, Minors in Business and Statistics

•    RHC President, 2012-2013
•    Psychology Club President, 2013
•    RHC Vice President of Administration, 2012
•    ASPLU Appropriations Board Member, 2012
•    PLU Alternative Spring Break serving the Parkland community

Goals for ASPLU
My goal as ASPLU Off-Campus Senator is to foremost serve the PLU student body by leading and to lead by serving. I seek to unite PLU with the Parkland Community by way of immersing the PLU campus in the Parkland community with opportunities of service. As well, I hope to connect the Parkland community, the greater community and the off-campus students with the PLU campus. I also wish to utilize available resources within the community to assist the off-campus student body with necessities. I pledge to be flexible to what the students want in order to help me create what this position will entail.

Kyle Monahan

MonahanName: Kyle Monahan
Year in School: Senior
Major: Biology

I've supported the Students of Pacific Lutheran University as an ASPLU Senator for two years, and during this time I wrote multiple pieces of legislation, chaired the Guiding Documents Committee, served on the University Long Range Planning Committee, and helped author the Gender Neutral Housing proposal. I am also the President of the PLU Ski and Snowboard club, which provides an opportunity for PLU students to connect with other skiers and snowboarders. I have a vested, long-term interest in Pacific Lutheran University, and I will strive to make PLU a University of the First Rank.

Goals for ASPLU
As an Off-Campus Senator, I will support projects that solidify ASPLU’s role not just on campus, but as a key player in the Parkland community. I hope to expand ASPLU’s communication with the student body, focusing especially on the needs of off-campus students. Offering a voice to students who live in the neighborhoods surrounding PLU will help break down the boundaries between on and off campus students, creating a more united student body.

Emily Peterson
PetersonName: Emily Peterson
Year in School: Junior
Majors: Economics with a concentration in International Economic Analysis, and Global Studies with a concentration in Globalization and Trade

I am dependable, responsible, and committed to the PLU community. This past year I represented you as an ASPLU Senator At-Large, and was elected chair of the Ways and Means committee, the Senate finance committee devoted to quantitative analysis of legislation, events, and projects. In addition to being a Senator, I have also acted as the Student Co-Director for PLU’s Center for Community Engagement and Service this year, a position which I will continue to hold next year. This unique combination of leadership roles has allowed me to provide my network and knowledge to propel ASPLU run student community engagement opportunities, such as this year’s Community Dialogue Day and the Community Movie Nights. Other leadership and community building positions I have held on campus include: 2011 Orientation Guide, Member of University Chorale 2011 - 2012, America Reads Tutor at Harvard Elementary School, and Secretary and Treasurer of the PLU Ski and Snowboard Club.

Goals for ASPLU
As an Off-Campus Senator for the 2013-2014 academic year, I would continue to be a visible and approachable outlet for all students, equally representing diverse perspectives and fostering communication between students, staff and administration to make powerful, positive change on campus.

Dan Stell
StellName: Dan Stell
Year in School:  Sophomore
Majors: Biology and Global Studies

I have been a member of ASPLU senate for this year and I saw a lot of progress made towards truly being the student voice on campus. I worked on getting the library open for 24 hours for Dead and Finals week as my own senator project. I am easily approachable and am willing to talk to anyone that wants to have a conversation about their student government.

Goals for ASPLU
A lot of new things started this year: Gender Neutral Housing and having a stronger commitment to our community and neighbors. I would love to continue to see work done on these things. Additionally, transparency has and always been a goal of mine for ASPLU.