Sam Chapman

Name: Sam Chapman
Year in School: Junior
Major & Minor: Music major, Theatre minor

In high school, I served as my choir president, as a member of a community service organization and as a Campus Ministry Retreat Facilitator. Recently, I have served as a PLU Chorale section leader. Over the past three summers, I have worked at a YMCA summer camp, where I facilitated a leadership development program for fifteen-year-olds. All of these experiences have left me with a strong work ethic, effective communication skills, the ability to work effectively with a team, and an appreciation for leadership by example. I also have a sincere desire to continue developing myself as a leader and as a person at PLU.

Goals for ASPLU:
My primary goal as an ASPLU off-campus Senator would be to increase ASPLU accessibility on an individual as well as a collective level. I know from personal experience as well as from talking to other students that ASPLU can at times seem inaccessible and largely self-contained, and I would like to change this view.  When talking with other students about my candidacy, it also became apparent that many students would like to see more collaborative programing between ASPLU and other on-campus clubs and organizations. I think a two-fold approach to instigating these changes is necessary. First, I would make it my personal goal to be open and accessible to every PLU student. I want any PLU student to feel that they can speak and personally connect with me, as a constituent and as a human. Second, I would make it my goal to further develop collaboration between ASPLU and other clubs and organizations. As a governing student body, ASPLU should be accessible to all student groups on campus, and should continue to support the personal, spiritual, and intellectual development of students as best it can. I would, for example, make it my goal as an ASPLU Senator to work with the Diversity Center and the Queer Ally Student Union to increase awareness of and participation in Pride Week at PLU. By working collaboratively with organizations on campus like these, I believe ASPLU can fulfill its role as the elected voice of the student population. Finally, I’d like to take the time to thank you for reading this large block of self-promotion, and to state that I would be extremely excited to serve as an off-campus ASPLU senator for the 2013-2014 academic year.  

Jason Lynch

Name: Jason LynchLynch
Year in School: Junior
Major: Elementary Educationeering, training to be a Unitarian Universalist Army Chaplain

• 8-year Veteran, 5 years Active Duty Infantry (one tour in Iraq, as Team Leader and interim Squad Leader), currently in the Reserves as Maintenance Control NCO (Manager).
• Organized the logistics of sending an Infantry company to Iraq.
• 2 years combined experience as HR Manager of 100+ soldiers (Training NCO). Ask any veteran, that is a difficult (if not unappreciated) job.
• Set the standard of conduct for the equivalent of all RA’s on a campus of more than 25,000 with 250+ dorms. (CQ on JBLM).
• I have given numerous Sexual Assault/Harassment Response and Prevention briefings and discussions (SHARP).
• I have given numerous Suicide Prevention and Response briefings (ACE).
• I am now a peace-minded vet, although I would still defend my country if justified.
• I was raised Mormon, Methodist, Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopalian and General Protestant.
• I have attended Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, and Sikh holidays and services.
• I am a Secular Humanist who strives to be like Odin (ask me about my Valknut ring sometime).
• I am training to be a Unitarian Universalist Chaplain.
• I am also an Eagle Scout.
• I was Prom King.
• I play Dungeons and Dragons.

Goals for ASPLU:
• First, and foremost, a more comprehensive Sexual Harassment/Assault/ Rape reporting system. Students should know who they can contact (plus the subsequent chain of reporting) in the event that they, or someone they know/witness, are assaulted, as well as victim resources and advocates.
• Second, changing the attitude towards Sexual Assault Victims from Victim Stigmatizing to Victim Support.
• On a lighter note, I am all about sustainability; an issue that I keep hearing about is the bad food in the UC. One solution I have heard, and advocate, is having an a la carte-esque dinner. This provides more delicious and healthier options. Plus it cuts down on multiple types of waste.
• I will propose a PE class focused solely on Ultimate Frisbee.
• The Disabilities Center also needs to update their policies on, and support for, disabilities involving autism, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome among other less “obvious” disabilities.
• I recommend expanding hospitality to Commuters and having an opt-in program to pay an extra once-a-semester fee to rent empty dorm rooms for a short time (blocks of anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or even more, signing in on-line for certain rooms with no current occupier for an hour or so, not unlike the study room system the library has). This will add a sense of community for commuter students, as well as have the potential to generate more revenue for the campus.
• Allowing Mortvedt Library to operate 24-7 during Dead Week and Finals Week is something I support continuing for years to come. I hear it was a huge success last fall; props to Dan Stell.
• I also advocate for creating a second committee of the student body that is strictly a programs and activities committee, separating ASPLU as the sole planners of events on campus.
• I don’t know a lot about where finances go in scheme of clubs and activities, but I’m sure more could be given to student-run organizations, as well as science, business, and music-based activities.
• I would also like to see more opportunities for travel and activities for those living in the dorms—maybe creating a panel or organization for finding off-campus and out-of-area trips and activities. Kind of like that “events and adventures” thing I hear about on the radios, or BOSS on Ft Lewis.
• I would like to see more cross-walks on the streets surrounding campus, not just at stop signs and traffic lights. Pedestrian safety is important on a college campus. I don’t like locking eyes with drivers, and then the drivers speeding up when I’m about to cross the street. I also propose a campaign going for safer driving attitude around campus.
• Among many other issues that I may come across, or others may bring to me.

Overall I want PLU to be a community, and that means end the hate and divisiveness of students, and learn to love thy neighbor. We are one student body.

Isaac Moening-Swanson

Name: Isaac Moening-Swanson
Year in School: I am a junior
Major and Minor: I am majoring in Geoscience and minoring in Environmental Studies.

I am one of the managers of the PLU bike coop. I have been apart of the sustainability department since my first year.

Goals for ASPLU:
As a member of the Sustainability Department, I have goals of making sustainability an everyday part of student’s lives while working to make PLU a more engaged member of the greater community. I believe being an off-campus senator for ASPLU could make these goals achievable. An example of a way I would like to see these two groups, the Sustainability Department and ASPLU, working together would be to create an easy and well-known way for off campus students to recycle glass. This would not only educate off campus students, but also be a resource for the greater Parkland community as well. PLU's mission statement asserts the importance of service and leadership of our communities, and I think it is important that we “walk the walk”. If elected as an off campus senator I would work to create a more sustainable campus culture for PLU students and for the greater Parkland community as a whole.