Devin Harrison

Name: Devin HarrisonHarrison
Year in School: First Year
Major: I intend to major in Psychology, but as many new-to-college students come to realize, that is open to change later.

What qualifies me to run for the position of Ordal Residence Hall Senator is that many people living in Ordal know me already and are comfortable talking to me. I feel that this is extremely important for a senator candidate, as my job will be to form a bridge between the students and the administration. If any students in Ordal (or anywhere else) have any thoughts or opinions or any ideas on things they want to see changed, they can easily come talk to me. I'm very outgoing and I try to get people to speak their mind as often as possible. I also like to make sure they feel they can share their ideas with confidence.

Goals for ASPLU:
My goal for joining ASPLU is to get as many people as possible thinking about how they can make a change for the better of PLU. I want people to feel comfortable going to any senators with ideas, not just the Ordal Hall senator. So I feel that being shown by Ordal's senator how open the senate is to helping the students, it will help the students reach out with ideas.