Aaron Steelquist
SteelquistAaron Steelquist
FBPosition: President
Year: Junior
Major & Minor(s): BS in Geoscience w/Minor in Environmental Studies
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Goals for ASPLU

As ASPLU President, I plan to work directly with student organizations to encourage positive change for our campus. Over the last year, ASPLU has seen its greatest success in partnership with organizations from the Diversity Center, RHA, and multiple academic departments. To truly represent students, ASPLU cannot operate purely as a location for students to come and voice their opinion. Instead, students need to feel comfortable coming to ASPLU with their ideas and then ASPLU must respond by supporting and assisting these students in fulfilling their vision.

A leader needs to understand when best to step back and allow students to follow their passions in changing our campus. I am very comfortable approaching students and clubs to join with ASPLU in forming legislation that aligns with their beliefs and passions. Whether diversity, sustainability, or any other topic, ASPLU needs to continue strengthening partnerships with these groups to establish events and policies that benefit students from all walks of life. I understand there is only so much ASPLU can do and we must rely on all students to bring their intelligence and energy.

My promise to you as a leader will be to represent all of you. I will work to be the best advocate I can for students of color, LGBTQ students, students of ALL religious faiths, students with disabilities, commuter students, transfer students, and international students. As Programs Director I have worked closely with our Diversity Director to make sure our programs are open, accessible, and appealing to as many students as possible. Multiple times throughout the year I have chosen to help fund diversity-based groups, including academic lectures on diversity, paying for lunches at the Coalition Retreat, and many more. I understand my privilege and the inherent privilege that ASPLU has to make change and I will surround myself with students who will help make ASPLU more effective advocates for the entire student population. I am not only committed to issues of sustainability, social justice and diversity but I have put these commitments in to action in my roles in ASPLU; I have a proven track record. Don't vote for a President who doesn’t. Don't vote for a President who doesn’t care about ALL of our peers.

Progress made this last year has been substantial and I am excited to continue working on many projects. Gender-Neutral Housing was an important step forward that took place on our campus and I am excited to continue working to implement this policy. Recent attempts to establish a Student Programming Board would allow PLU students to work even more closely with clubs on campus to create events that represent and entertain students from all backgrounds. My involvement with this project has been extensive thus far and I hope to use my position as president to continue this relocation of programming out of student government and into its own organization.

  • 2½ years in ASPLU, serving as both Programs and Venues Director
  • Worked at Foss, Pflueger, and Tinglestad front desks over the last three years
  • Youth Against Violence Facilitator, Freshman year
  • Orientation Guide, Sophomore year