Paige Henry

Name: Paige HenryHenry
Year in School: Junior
Major: Major in B.S. Biology, Minor in Business Administration

I successfully completed three terms as a senator at Glacier Peak High School in addition to serving as president of the GPHS chapter of National Honor Society throughout the duration of my senior year. I have also received several academic honors including the Washington State Honor Award, AP Scholar Award, a nomination for the CoSIDA All District Academic Award, and the President’s Scholarship with which I am currently studying at PLU. Further, I have earned two consecutive letters in Varsity Women’s Golf at the high school level and two at the college level thus far. These achievements reflect my commitment to service and excellence within my pursuits and illustrate my ability to balance my responsibilities in a proficient manner. These are skills which I intend to use directly should I be elected to the position of South/Kreidler Hall Senator.

Goals for ASPLU:
If elected to the position of South/Kreidler Hall Senator, I will provide a fair, open-minded channel through which the students of Pacific Lutheran University will be able to express concerns, ask questions, and share thoughts with the ASPLU body. In the process, I hope to grow upon my foundations as a leader so that I may reflect the values of this institution in a fashion which demonstrates continual advancement and progress. I will dedicate myself to performing my duty to the students of South and Kreidler Halls, and further, the PLU student body, with a sense of pride and enduring commitment to service. As I listen to my friends and fellow students, I have increasingly noticed a number of ideas for improvement of the PLU experience which circulate within the group, but seem to dissipate as conversation continues. These ideas are often forgotten in the midst of the social context, but I believe that the student voice is valuable and should play a role in decisions and concepts that may affect life as a PLU student. I hope to create a way in which this strong, intelligent voice can be heard and utilized to produce a positive effect in both South and Kreidler Hall as well as the surrounding realm of the PLU community.