Charles (Charlie) Mogen

Name: Charles (Charlie) Mogen
Year in School: First-Year
Majors: Intended History and Economics

        Former YMCA Youth in Government Youth Governor of Montana
        Former YMCA Youth in Government Senator
        Three Years of Model United Nations
        High School Cross Country Leader for one year

These are the qualifications which I best believe illustrate my abilities to be a leader and to work with others. In my Experience as Youth Governor I worked with many different people who had different ideas and beliefs and helped them to work together as a team. This experience also helped me to become a better communicator and listen to the ideas and thoughts brought up by different people. As a Youth in Government Senator I got my first experiences with the legislative process and how to really become involved in the process. In my time in Model United Nations I learned a different set of skills. These were defending or putting forward an idea which you may not agree with, but bringing it up because that is what your constituency believes in. In both these programs I learned as a leader it is your job to be a representative to the people. My final qualification is my experience as a cross country leader. In this role I helped to lead by example and integrate a number of individuals into a team. These are my experiences which I believe qualify me to be Tingelstad’s Senator in ASPLU.

Goals for ASPLU:
My goals for ASPLU are first and foremost to be the voice of my residence hall in the meetings and work to be an advocate on their behalf. I will work to be a representative of all in my halls opinions regarding issues and bring forward issues which they are facing. Being a first year I do not have an extensive knowledge regarding all the projects ASPLU takes part in. However, I want to be involved and be a strong voice for continuing projects which I believe will better student life on campus and which will make a positive impact. I want to continue the work and positive impact ASPLU has on campus.