Emily Bishop

BishopEmily Bishop
: Vice-PresidentYouTube
Year: Junior
Major: English with a minor in Music
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Goals for ASPLU

I once told my fifth grade teacher that I wanted to be the first woman president. It’s a popular dream for a girl to have, and one that, for me, stood alongside pop star, gourmet chef, and doctor. My dream of living in the White House has fallen to the wayside, but a new dream has emerged: my dream of becoming ASPLU Vice President. 

ASPLU is an organization that has inspired me with the change it’s able to make. I’ve watched the organization ban water bottles and dinner trays, establish a Veteran’s Day celebration, and work to provide Gender Neutral Housing for students on campus. ASPLU is an organization about making change—change to create a more equitable, sustainable, and self-aware campus community. We are privileged to have the budget and hardworking staff that make this kind of change possible. I’ve worked hard on various projects in ASPLU—from extending the library hours to planning the popular Allen Stone show last March. I truly believe that I have the drive, experience, and ability to facilitate ASPLU future campaigns.

Though I love ASPLU, I do not believe that we have always functioned to our best ability. As profoundly invigorated by the organization as I’ve been, I’ve also been deeply frustrated. I think ASPLU has room to grow in our visibility on campus and input from every demographic of student. It’s time we stopped talking only to first-years during dinner and found a way to reach international, commuter, upper-classmen, and transfer students who may not frequent the UC as often. It’s time we started taking initiative to facilitate change with other organizations. We’ve made huge strides this year in communication, but I believe we can do better. ASPLU is in a period of wonderful growth, and I want to work hard to ensure that the growth continues in a positive way and engage myself as an active listener to hear the students who do not feel as they are being heard. 

I’ve invested myself in ASPLU since I came to PLU as a freshman in 2010. I was elected to be a First-Year Senator, and served actively in ASPLU committees and faculty committees that year. Last year, I was hired as the Entertainment Chair, and worked hard to bring artists like The Lonely Forest, Noah Gunderson, and Allen Stone to campus. I also served as the Executive Secretary and Public Relations Officer for Senate that year. This year, I’ve worked as the Venues Director, organizing and managing the Cave, and am the chair of LollaPLUza, ASPLU’s annual street festival.

ASPLU is not all I’ve been involved in. I’ve worked for Instructional Technologies, worked as a Campus Ministry Steward, co-founded and chaired PLU’s Interfaith Council, served as the Clubs and Orgs Intern, and currently am the General Manager of LASR (Lute Air Student Radio). I love to be involved—yes—and I think my experience in many parts of campus will help to make me a well-rounded executive. If elected, I will commit myself fully to working for ASPLU, but use my past involvement as a framework for serving the student body the best I can.

ASPLU has been the most important part of my PLU career, and I hope you will help me culminate my experience by leading ASPLU as Vice President.

In short, I am:

  • An advocate for active inclusion and dismantling of socially constructed barriers which foster inequality and create difference
  • Passionate about the preservation of the environment in a way that facilitates the definition of sustainability: people, planet, and prosperity
  • Interested in the ways students at PLU do not feel included, listened to, and supported


    First-Year Senator
    Guiding Docs Committee Chair
    LollaPLUza Committee
    Entertainment Committee

Second Year
    Entertainment Chair
    ASPLU Executive Secretary and Public Relations Officer
    LollaPLUza Committee (Stage/Sound chair)

Third Year
    ASPLU Venues Director
    LollaPLUza Chair