May 19, 2013

Letter from the ASPLU President

Students of PLU, 

There has been a great deal of confusion as to the role that ASPLU has played in the publication of this letter and what the role of its members has been. Allow me to be clear: ASPLU as an organization has remained neutral and has not taken any part in the conversations surrounding any executive candidate. To further clarify, ASPLU's Human Resources and Public Relations Directors, Vice President, and I are the only positions in our organization that are required to refrain from endorsing any candidate because we are the ones responsible for running the election process. Thus, any stance, position, endorsement, or opinion that another Senator, Director, or other ASPLU member personally takes regarding a candidate is fully permissible.

Furthermore, because its members were well within the rights and responsibilities of their position, no Senator, Director, or other ASPLU member that has been involved in the events surrounding "An Open Letter to PLU Students" will have any action taken against them or be asked to offer an apology. The ASPLU Diversity Director and Senator that utilized their titles and thus their affiliation with our organization, did so in fulfilling their duties to act as an advocate on behalf of students and to ensure that each voice is given equal, ample opportunity to be heard. However, we have asked that ASPLU's IMPACT Director remove his title from the letter because his job description does not directly outline these same responsibilities and we wanted to ensure that there is no inaccurate affiliation with our organization. In aligning with the students we represent, ASPLU believes that all beliefs, ideals, and worldviews hold equal weight and value. We refuse to condemn our organization's members because they upheld their positions of advocacy and stood up for what they each believe is the right thing to do for our student body.

If you have any questions, comments, or further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact at Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at tomorrow's (Wed 3/20) debate at 7:30pm in UC133.

Thank you,
Ian Metz
ASPLU President


May 18, 2013

Concerning the ASPLU Presidential Election

In light of the recent conversations surrounding the ASPLU Executive elections and Gender Neutral Housing, ASPLU would like to clarify its stance to the PLU community. As an organization, ASPLU cannot and does not endorse or support any one candidate, and no ASPLU resources can be devoted to individual campaigns. ASPLU elects new senators and executives tasked with representing the views of the student body each year. Additionally, ASPLU staff directly involved with the election process are not allowed to publicly endorse candidates. On February 12th the ASPLU Senate voted 13 to 1 to 1 to approve the report entitled “A Path to More Equitable Housing,” supporting efforts to create a truly gender-neutral housing environment on PLU’s campus.

ASPLU actively encourages conversation and discourse surrounding issues students care about. This includes Gender Neutral Housing, and we encourage students to voice their views through whatever means they feel is necessary. As an advertising publication, the Daily Flyer is available to any member or group of the PLU community looking to purchase space. This includes the recent letter submitted and paid for by QASU. ASPLU would like to emphasize that the Daily Flyer is not a journalistic publication and its content comes directly from its customers.

This Wednesday, the ASPLU President and Vice President candidates will debate on a variety of topics and issues, including Gender Neutral Housing. We invite all members of the PLU community to attend the debate, beginning at 7:30pm in AUC 133. Candidates will also have time to answer questions from attendees and provide closing statements. ASPLU seeks to promote participation in discourse about the issues students care about. This includes encouraging all to cast their vote for the candidates they believe best represent their concerns as a member of our community at PLU.

Taylor Astel
ASPLU Vice President

Haley Miller
ASPLU Human Resources Director