"A Path To More Equitable Housing" was written by the Gender Neutral Housing Task Force with the support and contributions of ASPLU, RHA, Student Involvement and Leadership, Office of Residential Life, the Women's Center and the Diversity Center.  It is our hope that this report brings about policy changes and conversations that furthers access to safe, affirming and inclusive housing environments to all students. 

Please utilize the appendices available in a Google Drive folder at: http://bit.ly/WoScWb


April 13, 2013

As you may have heard, there are now gender neutral housing options at PLU! There are still plenty of spaces available for folks desiring and/or needing the option of living in these spaces.

Interested students living in Gender Neutral Housing can read more about it and fill out a short application by clicking this link. Applications should be submitted before 8am on Thursday, April 4th. If you miss this deadline and it is still before the Housing Sign-Up Process on April 9-10th, please inquire with Residential Life about availability.

Who should complete the application? 

  • anyone who would like to live in one of the mixed gender wings with a gender neutral (and recently renovated) bathroom 
  • anyone who would like to share a room or request a single room on a mixed gender wing
  • anyone whose biological sex does not match their gender identity  
  • anyone who supports all members of our community 

The decision to launch this program is based, in part, on student voice. Your support of this pilot program is essential for this community to sustain and flourish. The longevity of this program depends on students showing their support and interest by applying to live in these communities.

Please ask your Resident Director or call Residential Life (253.535.7200) if you have questions about GNH at PLU.  

Thank you for your help and support!

ASPLU, RHA and Residential Life

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at asplu@plu.edu attn: Diversity Director.