Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi

Mission Statement

Delta Rho is a chapter that takes initiative in building on member strengths as we prepare for financial information professions. We value unique personalities that give students an advantage over their peers at networking events, interviews, and competitions.

Our mission is to give accounting, finance, and management information system majors the right instruments to use with their personal strengths to succeed in the professional environment. We help them progress toward their career goals by developing a professional network, honing communication and social skills, and establishing strong moral and ethical values.
Delta Rho Chapter

Reasons to Join the Delta Rho Chapter

Beta Alpha Psi enables students to take the extra step in differentiating themselves from their peers. Though every student has different reasons for joining, here are some of the greatest reasons to consider becoming a member.

  • Major financial information businesses hold networking events throughout the Tacoma and Seattle areas for Beta Alpha Psi members. Connect with employers to learn more about the company and potential careers.
  • Begin developing a network of professionals for support, guidance, and friendship.
  • Beta Alpha Psi has more than 300 chapters stationed in the United States, New Zealand and Australian Universities, and it continues to grow with new schools petitioning to be part of the honor society.
  • Beta Alpha Psi is known in the financial information profession as a society comprised of industry leaders. Students are recognized for their participation.
  • Delta Rho will have opportunities for members to compete at the regional meeting by presenting our best practice to a panel of professionals.
  • Delta Rho fosters the competitive spirit by organizing friendly competitions among members and candidates as well as other academic clubs at PLU.
  • Members and candidates will have exclusive opportunities to participate in workshops including technical writing, perception management, stress management, networking skills, interviewing skills, and public speaking.
  • Delta Rho encourages creativity and initiative by supporting members and candidates in the development of new workshop ideas.
  • Students will find they have a great deal in common with the other members and candidates of BAP. This is a great way to begin building professional networks with peers.
  • Social nights provide members and candidates a chance to loosen up a bit and kid around. Each semester Delta Rho will plan at least one "fun night"; an activity like bowling, miniature golf, or a BBQ.
  • Delta Rho members strongly believe in developing each other's professionalism.
  • Meetings and presentations have a business casual dress code.
  • Workshops are designed to help individuals learn about professional norms.
  • Delta Rho elects members to fill leadership positions each year.
  • These positions provide members an opportunity to put their leadership, organizational, and technical skills to the test.
  • Do you feel you could help create a stronger Beta Alpha Psi chapter? Consider filling a leadership position and helping develop a more robust program.