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Beta Alpha Psi

Best Practices


The term best practice means a method that has proven superior efficacy that organizations can implement in their operations. 

By presenting our chapter’s best practices at the regional meeting and annual meeting, the Delta Rho chapter will share effective ways to improve all chapters within the organization. Every year the Board of Directors of Beta Alpha Psi and Deloitte LLP select topics that encourage students to create and execute programs within their school that promote the values of Beta Alpha Psi.

Topic examples include: ethics, corporate responsibility, diversity, increasing awareness of the accounting profession, skills-based volunteerism, and globalization.


Teams who win first place at the regional meeting are invited to compete against other regional first place winners at the annual meeting.


1st Place: $500

2nd Place: $125

3rd Place: $125

Annual Meeting

1st Place: $1,500

2nd Place: $1,00

3rd Place: $500


Delta Rho is seeking members who have some or all of the following skills or traits:

  • Enjoy participating in a fun competitive atmosphere
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Great presentation skills
  • Basic or advanced PowerPoint experience
  • Ambition to win!
Contact the Delta Rho chapter to join the team!

To learn about the Best Practice topics visit:

BAP's Competition Best Practice Website

To learn about the presentation guidelines and regulations visit:

BAP's Best Practices Students Manual