Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi


The Delta Rho chapter of Beta Alpha Psi invites all accounting, finance, and management information system majors to its weekly meetings in the Morken Center for Learning and Technology. Each week will have different agendas such as:

  • Listening to financial information professionals' advice on career success
  • Gathering new insights at workshops
  • Socializing with friends at "fun night"

The meetings are intended to help students enhance their personal strengths by placing them in a professional environment with other peers who have the same goals and interests.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to meet professionals and members, develop professionalism, and maybe learn something new about yourself. Check out the schedule for upcoming meetings.

Here are some FAQ's to help prepare for Delta Rho's meetings:
The chapter's dress code requires students to wear business casual or business formal at meetings, except for "fun night."
Check the schedule and do a little research about the speakers before the meetings. Find out what firm they work for and other basic information that could help raise good questions for them to answer.
Delta Rho is happy to serve food and drinks to students before the speaker arrives, but advises them to finish eating before the presentation begins. Likewise, attendees can bring their own food and drink, but are advised to finish eating prior to the speaker beginning their presentation.
Students should only be taking hand written notes during the meetings. Cell phones and tablets should be turned off and stored away. We do not encourage the use of laptops for note taking during professional presentations and they should also be stored away. Bags, purses, and backpacks should be stored underneath the desks.
These tips are intended to encourage high standards of professionalism at the PLU School of Business. We are honored to have guest speakers presenting valuable information about their careers and success, and to show our gratitude we give our undivided attention and conduct ourselves appropriately.

Networking Events

Networking events are the best way to meet professionals from firms in the Seattle and Tacoma areas. Each event differs, whether socializing at a formal event with two hundred people or relaxing at a baseball game in a small group, but the goals are still the same: connect and learn something new.

The main purpose of these events are not only for students to stand out towards professionals, but also for professionals to stand out towards students. That is why it is crucial for students to connect with others and learn something that they couldn't find from outside sources. Students benefit from networking events by improving their communication skills and professionalism, learning the inside scoop on firms, and getting exposure so professionals remember them.


The Delta Rho chapter of Beta Alpha Psi is invited to numerous networking events every year by neighboring universities, national organizations, and well recognized firms. Check out Delta Rho's schedule to learn about upcoming events.
Here are some helpful tips that will help you at networking events:
  • Make sure you know what the dress code is and if there is a fee with registration.
  • Research the event to find out who is hosting the event and who will be attending.
  • Use the information from your research to ask relevant questions about the companies. Also practice your "elevator" speech that you will use to introduce yourself to others.
  • Plan your travel arrangements and arrive at the networking event on time. Ask other members if they are carpooling and see if there is an extra seat open. Remember to thank the driver and consider offering them a little gas money.
  • Walk in small groups. Meeting firms might look intimidating but going with a few members you know from school will take some of the anxiety off your shoulders.
  • Always make direct eye contact, a friendly smile, and a firm handshake. A weakness in one or more of these three things can result in the person's belief that you lack confidence.
  • Ask for business cards from people with whom you want to stay connected. Make sure you write on the back what kind of conversation you had with the person. This will help after the event when staying in contact.
  • Have fun! Remember: Networking events are meant for you to enjoy yourself all the while meeting new people.
  • Write thank you letters to the individuals that handed you their business cards.
  • Continue to stay connected.
Visit the PLU Office of Career Development's webpage for additional helpful information that will make you stand out at networking events.

Volunteer Activities

Part of Beta Alpha Psi's mission is to foster enthusiasm for service. The Delta Rho chapter of BAP strongly believes that community service is a great way to show support for the community and fosters an enthusiastic appreciation for service in the chapter membership.

We take the initiative to find opportunities to contribute to the Tacoma area community. Every year the chapter hosts two volunteer activities in which candidates and members are encouraged to participate and work together to give back to the community. Some examples include yard work at the community garden, playing Bingo with elders at a retirement center, Habitat for Humanity, and the Big Brother Big Sister program. Everyone involved develops new or strengthened friendships, an expanded network within the surrounding community, and a sense of fulfillment by serving the community.

The scheduled activities change every year so check out what is available during the fall and spring semesters. If you have a community service activity suggestion please write to us either through the Contact Us page or by e-mail at