PLU School of Business

The BBA Curriculum and Concentrations

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree seeks to prepare students to be successful leaders in the global economy. The curriculum is designed to focus on development of practical competencies with a solid theoretical base that encourages life-long learning. Our curriculum provides both breadth of understanding in a core body of knowledge explored in the business core and depth in application through electives in a focused discipline concentration.

Concentration Options

By taking an approved set of electives (see concentration listings) beyond the 36 credit core, a student earns a concentration designation in: Accounting; Finance; Management & Human Resources; Marketing; or Individualized.

Students are required to take 16 credits of elective beyond the core, and we strongly recommend this be in one of the concentrations: Accounting, Finance, Management and Human Resources, Marketing, or Individualized. The curriculum is specifically designed to facilitate the opportunity for students to pursue study away programs. You are encouraged to meet frequently with your faculty advisor to plan for the future and explore career goals.

Completing the Bachelor of Business Administration within four years is a high priority for students and faculty of the School of Business.  Students can meet this goal through planning and regular communication with their faculty adviser.

Foundation & Core Course Requirements

Required Foundation Courses to Declare the Major - 20 semester hours

  • BUSA 201: Introduction to Business in the Global Environment (4)
  • CSCE 120: Computerized Information Systems - NS (4)
  • ECON 101: Principles of Microeconomics - S2 (4)
  • MATH 128: Linear Models and Calculus, An Introduction - MR, NS, (4)
  • STAT 231: Introductory Statistics - MR, (4)

Required Lower-Division Business Courses to be Eligible for Upper-Division - 8 semester hours

  • BUSA 202: Financial Accounting (4)
  • BUSA 203: Managerial Accounting (4)

May choose to co-enroll in BUSA 203 and one more of BUSA 302 (junior standing required), 303 (or 304), 305 and 308.

Required Upper-Division Business Courses - 28 semester hours

  • BUSA 302: Finance for Managers (4)
  • BUSA 303: Business Law and Ethics (4) or BUSA 304: Business Law and Ethics for Financial Professionals (4)
  • BUSA 305: Behavior in Organizations (4)
  • BUSA 308: Principles of Marketing (4)
  • BUSA 309: Creating Value in Operations (4)
  • BUSA 310: Information Systems and Database Management (4)
  • BUSA 499: Capstone: Strategic Management (SR, 4)

Foundation Courses Required to Graduate - 8 semester hours

  • PHIL 225: Business Ethics - PH (4)
  • COMA 235: Communication in a Professional Setting (4)

BBA Elective Requirement

Any 16 hours of upper division electives, or any non-Business elective courses approved by a student's faculty advisor.  Minimum of 12 hours elective in Business required.  Internships encouraged but do not apply to the elective requirement.

Please review the additional credit and grading requirements.