Campus Calendar

The Campus Calendar System 

The Campus Calendar Web site serves as the authoritative source of calendar information. The calendar can be thought of as three parts all in one location:
  • Scheduler – Use it to reserve space and manage event logistics and send important dates to the public calendar.  View class and non-academic activities. View room equipment, availability and utilization of most indoor and outdoor spaces. Space managers and meeting support services (catering, media, stage, events) use this tool to manage your requests. The Scheduler passes reservations through an approval/notification process to all service groups.  It automatically publishes into the campus calendar and Cascade web pages, if you choose to publish.  Log-in with your e-pass.
  • Campus Calendar - This is a calendar for public viewing. It pulls all the events and important dates from Scheduler that planners chose to publish when they made their reservation.  Classroom schedules and unpublished events are viewable in Scheduler. 
  • Cascade Calendar Synchs – Entries in Scheduler will automatically appear on your department’s Cascade web page, unless you choose not to publish.

Training and Support

  •  Use the online Quick-Start Guide and FAQs at 
  •  Call Events Services at 253-535-7453 or 253-535-7454 or stop by University Center, Suite 280.
  •  Attend guided training sessions. Dates are published at

What Do You Need To Do? 

Event Planners

Use Scheduler to make space reservations and order media, catering, stage, registrar, furnishings, security, etc. Reservations are automatically  routed to all service providers who will support your event. Students continue to pre-plan with SIL advisors before placing reservation into Scheduler.  Use the e-vite feature to email constituents about your event. 

Resource Department and Content Approver

Start using Scheduler daily to sign-off on space or service reqeusts. Conferences and Events, Registrar, space managers, event service providers and the requestor can all see the original reservation in real time so everyone is in sync when you approve.

Space Manager

Start using Scheduler daily to sign-off on notifications for space use that campus constituents will send to your account in Scheduler. Because requestors can view space availability, and Conferences and Events, and Registrar can see the original reservation in real time, many phone calls and email inquiries will be eliminated.

Questions or Problems?   Need an Orientation?

Call Event Services Office:  253-535-7453