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Capital Projects

Academic Facilities

Video: Academic Facilities

A school with a strong commitment to the liberal arts must provide high-caliber facilities to support its academic and cocurricular programs. Architecturally distinctive facilities, complete with appropriate equipment and technology, inspire students and faculty and enhance the academic vitality of the university. PLU has work left to be done on the academic schoolhouse, bringing our facilities up to the level of our programs, including:

  • Performing Arts Center and Chapel, at Eastvold, Phase One
  • Rieke Science Center
  • Upgrading other classrooms and teaching facilities and acquiring state-of-the-art instructional technology and equipment.

Performing Arts Center and Chapel at Eastvold Hall

$12 million

The first phase of the renovation of one of PLU's historic landmark buildings began in the summer of 2010 with the installation of a new copper roof and the renovation of exterior brickwork. Next will be the renovation of space formerly occupied by KPLU into a first-class "black box" Studio beginning in 2011. Several naming opportunities are available, including:

  • Studio Theater $1 million
  • Set Design and Construction Shop $750,000
  • Studio Theater Performance Stage $100,000
  • Furnishings and Risers $100,000
  • Exterior Staircase $50,000
  • Control Room, Lighting and Sound Grid $50,000
  • Restrooms $25,000
  • Theater Patrons $10,000
  • Individual Seats $1,000

THE RIEKE SCIENCE CENTER serves as a majestic 88,500-square foot anchor to PLU's lower campus.

$6 million

Home to the PLU Division of Natural Sciences, Rieke Science Center is now more than 25 years old. Still state-of-the art in its design and open lab concept, Rieke requires upgraded equipment and reconfigured internal space to meet the demands of scientific inquiry in the 21st Century. The investment planned for Rieke Hall will be used to:

  • Reconfigure interior laboratory space to support and enhance science instructional methodologies and for student faculty research
  • Update classrooms
  • Improve the second floor "open lab" space
  • Update various building infrastructure, such as heating and ventilation.

Naming Opportunities

$1.5 million

Open Laboratory. The signature feature of Rieke Science Center is the second-floor open laboratory space, used primarily for chemistry and physics experimentation.

$1 million

Atrium. The open entrance to Rieke is the focal point of the building and a gathering space for students and faculty.


Chemistry Faculty Research Lab. The most significant laboratory upgrade will be in the area of Chemistry.


Laboratory Space. One of the laboratory spaces directly impacted by this renovation plan:

  • Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology
  • Animal Biology
  • Population Biology
  • Geosciences Faculty Research
  • Geosciences Student Research
  • Chemistry Student Research


  • Computer-rich classroom
  • Student computer science/computer engineering research lab
  • Greenhouse
  • Physics research lab


Department Chair's Office

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Geosciences


Faculty Office

Student Using PLU's New NMR

Students actually get to use
cutting-edge technology
For undergraduate chemists who are looking for a chance to use – and we mean actually use – cutting-edge technology, look no farther than PLU's nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. The NMR helps chemists analyze chemical compounds through the use of a magnet that is 200,000 times as strong as the Earth's magnetic field. Acquired through a grant from the National Science Foundation, PLU is the first West Coast undergraduate institution to receive one of these instruments – usually they are locked away at large research universities. Here, students are actually able to gain valuable experience using the NMR, which will not only yield valuable scientific data, but their experience with it will be a great resume builder, as well.

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