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Academics & Mission

Video: Academics and Mission

PLU's faculty and academic programs are nationally and internationally recognized for their quality and distinctiveness. Among them is the campus-wide Wild Hope Project that leads students on an exploration of purposeful learning and lives of service in the 21st century.

The campaign will enhance the endowment, moving it to a level better aligned with the university's stature and size and will advance and strengthen the university's capacity to carry out its mission.

Global Education

Endowment support for the building of a globally focused university is central to PLU's future success. Great progress has been made in bringing a global emphasis more broadly to the academic, curricular and programmatic areas of the university. That work can be accelerated through the funding of endowments with a particular global emphasis, including: curriculum development, expanding study-abroad opportunities, creating more student-faculty research opportunities, more fully opening the campus to international students, and named faculty chairs and endowed professorships in the global curriculum.

Student-Faculty Research and Creative Projects

Student-faculty research opportunities enhance the educational experience of students and faculty working one-on-one and in small groups to delve deeply into issues critical to disciplines across the curriculum. Opportunities include: establishing student-faculty research endowments in professional schools, enhancing the endowments that exist in Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences, and endowing or expanding endowments for equipment funds in art, business, economics, music, natural sciences, nursing, psychology and theater.

Wild Hope Project – Vocation, Identity and Educational Excellence

The Wild Hope Project is the unifying name for several programs that ensure each PLU student receives a comprehensive understanding of how to go about discerning one's vocation. College is the critical junction in the lives of most young people as they make decisions about life goals and career paths that will affect them for a lifetime. Institutionalizing that program is crucial to effectively leveraging the $2 million grant PLU received from the Lilly Endowment that made the Wild Hope program possible. Named endowment funds will ensure the success of these programs in perpetuity.

Named Faculty Chairs and Endowed Professorships

Named faculty chairs and endowed professorships bring public recognition to the university and its programs as well as provide salary support, travel, research stipends, and programming funds for faculty members.

Faculty Development

Excellent faculty cultivate their intellectual capital through on-going development in teaching, scholarship and university citizenship. Faculty development funding provides educational, research and study, and leadership development opportunities.

Public Programming

Endowed sponsorships for major symposia, annual lectures, seminars and workshops are crucial to a flourishing academic culture and extend the explicitly academic resources of the university out into the community. Such events provide a forum for faculty and visiting scholars to share knowledge, engage students in non-classroom settings and provide community outreach.

PLU Nursing Student talking with a patient

Students take the lead
in caring for their community
PLU's nursing program has received national attention for a groundbreaking program that seeks to lower the readmit rate for congestive heart failure patients. The program, conceived by PLU's School of Nursing and South Puget Sound's MultiCare network of hospitals, sends 160 PLU student nurses to the homes of patients who suffer from congestive heart failure. The students are key in helping patients who might not have the support they need at home, or are reluctant to bother their doctor with follow-up questions. Launched with a leadership grant of $250,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Northwest Health Foundation to improve health care in the community, the innovative program is among the first of its kind in the United States. The university is in the process of securing $3 million for an endowment to sustain this important work in perpetuity. Funders to date include the Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation and the Dimmer Family Foundation.

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