Department ofCampus Safety

11: Accidents

Immediately call local authorities to report an accident that occurs off-campus.  Follow that by notifying Campus Safety.  Follow the instructions in the insurance packet located in the vehicle glove box.

On-campus accidents, regardless of severity, must also be immediately reported to Campus Safety and to your supervisor or advisor.

11.1 Medical Care

It is the trip leader's responsibility to determine whether individuals involved in a vehicle crash must be evaluated at a medical facility.  This shall be determined based on the severity of the accident, consultation with emergency response personnel, and potential for injury.

11.2 Driving Privileges

Drivers who are involved in an accident shall discontinue driving a PLU vehicle, or their own vehicle when conducting PLU activities, until an investigation of the accident is complete.  The Risk Manager will notify the driver and driver's supervisor or advisor when driving privileges are restored.  Driver improvement training may be required for drivers involved in a vehicle accident.

Drivers who are off-campus at the time of an accident must follow accident reporting procedures in Appendix A.  Upon return to campus, the driver must provide information on the police report (case number, agency information, etc.) and statements to Campus Safety and the Risk Manager (Finance and Operations Office).