Department ofCampus Safety

Student Trip Planning Form - for trips of LESS than 24 hours.

For use when requesting use of PLU fleet or rental vehicle


Name of person or persons traveling:

Name of trip planner:

Drivers and Trip leaders (1 each per vehicle):

Contact Information for trip planner:
Office phone:
Home phone:

Address of destination or destinations, if more than one:

Purpose of trip:

Date and time of departure from campus:

Date and time returning to campus:

Vehicle type requested (van/size, full, mid, compact car):

Driver License Numbers (required for each driver):

Anyone driving a PLU fleet or rental vehicles must present to the Campus Safety vehicle/rental agent, a valid, current U.S. drivers license and PLU driver certification card.

Student/Group/Advisor Signature:   ___________________________________

Date:   ______________      Email and phone:   ___________________________________

Return completed, signed from to: Campus Safety, Harstad.