Department ofCampus Safety

1: Introduction

Operation of university owned vehicles or PLU rented vehicles is available to students, staff and faculty upon completion of the PLU drivers certification process. All members of the university who are authorized to drive university vehicles or otherwise operate a vehicle to conduct university business must operate vehicles in strict accordance with all Washington State and Pierce County laws. No work or errand is of sufficient importance to violate safe driving practices.  Safe vehicle operation is the responsibility of all members of the PLU community while participating in all PLU business or activities.

1.1 Hazards

Traffic-related motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of work-related injury death.  According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, three workers die every day in vehicle crashes.

Vehicle accidents can happen at any time.  In general, however, the PLU community experiences the most accidents after events that are physically tiring, during long trips, during bad weather, or in the late afternoon and evening hours.  Parking accidents are also common.

1.2 Regulation

The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Title 46 - Motor Vehicles, governs safe vehicle use in Washington State.  WAC 296-24-233 in the Washington State General Safety & Health Standards covers operation of motor vehicle trucks and trailers.  Title 10, Vehicles and Traffic, of the Pierce County Code further refine and regulate vehicle use and traffic within the county.