Department ofCampus Safety

2: Vehicle & Golf Cart Safe Operator Program

The purpose of this program is to ensure that our drivers have the skills and information that they need to be effective and safe vehicle operators; to communicate driver responsibilities; reduce vehicle accidents; and to implement corrective actions for poor driving or repetitive unsafe incidents.

2.1 Policy

PLU will strive to protect the safety of all community members by authorizing qualified drivers to operate university vehicles.  Drivers shall be trained according to this program.  PLU may conduct checks of a driver's driving record.  Employees who demonstrate irresponsible or unskilled driving behavior will be evaluated for corrective action.

2.2 Driver Eligibility

Persons who drive university vehicles must have a valid state (United States) drivers license in their possession and have completed PLU Driver Certification to drive or operate a PLU owned or rented vehicle or golf cart.

Drivers of PLU owned vehicles must have had a valid United States drivers license for a minimum of two years.  Persons who are restricted from driving by order of a doctor must never drive or operate a university vehicle.

Those who wish to drive a vehicle rented in the name of PLU (it must be used for university purposes) shall have a valid state drivers license in their possession, be certified by PLU through Campus Safety, and adhere to the safe driving practices and training requirements contained in this document.  See section 2.7 for insurance requirements.  This applies to vehicle rentals made abroad and independent of Campus Safety.

At the discretion of the university, and provided persons meet the certification prerequisites and pass the certification test, certification can be provided to PLU students and PLU employees to drive for PLU programs.  Examples are athletic programs, ASPLU activities, class field trips, or forensic events.  Volunteers who are appointed to drive by a PLU program must obtain certification through PLU Campus Safety and provide written documentation by a program representative before driving a PLU owned or rented vehicle.

2.3 Responsibilities

Faculty, Administrator, Staff, Student and Volunteer Drivers
  • Observe and practice safe vehicle operation.
  • Attend training.
  • Report vehicle damage or defects.
  • Report all vehicle incidents, regardless of size or damage, to one's supervisor and to Campus Safety.
Advisors, Coaches, Instructors, Trip Leaders
  • Attend the same training required of PLU drivers (this applies to a PLU representative that sponsors activities that require a driver or supervises employees who drive for PLU).
  • Ensure that employees and students receive training and driver certification before operating a university vehicle.
  • Report accidents to Campus Safety and the Risk Manager.
Directors, Managers and Supervisors
  • Responsible for instilling appropriate driving behaviors.

Campus Safety Director/Risk Manager/Environmental Health & Safety Manager
  • Monitor the application of this program and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Provide training opportunities for PLU drivers.
  • Enforce the directives of this program.
  • Assist campus advisors, coaches, instructors, trip leaders and other drivers in meeting the objectives of this program.

2.4 Motor Vehicle Records

PLU will check motor vehicle records of candidates considered for jobs that require a valid drivers license.  Campus Safety may conduct spot checks of driving records for existing employees and student drivers as they attend training.

If a past record is discovered or driving behavior that indicates that a driver is a risk, that driver is not permitted to drive a university vehicle or any other vehicle used for approved PLU purposes.

2.5 Certification Training

PLU drivers shall complete a training program before being permitted to drive a university vehicle (or PLU rented vehicle).  Employees who complete driver training will be issued a PLU drivers certification but must renew certification by the expiration dates.

The training program will be produced and managed by the Campus Safety department. For information on the drivers certification process see the Campus Safety website.

PLU certified drivers should renew their certification prior to expiration.  It is the driver's responsibility to seek refresher training and certification.  Supervisors, advisors, coaches, and instructors should orient drivers to the vehicles that the driver is most likely to use.

2.6 Driver Improvement Training

Employees may be required to attend driver improvement class after any vehicle incident.  The university Risk Manager will evaluate the vehicle incident details and the drivers history to determine when a driver improvement class will be required.

2.7 Insurance

PLU insures each PLU-owned vehicle separately.  Insurance coverage follows the vehicle, not the driver.  If you are driving your own vehicle, your insurance is primary.  If you are driving a PLU vehicle, the university's insurance is primary.  If you rent a vehicle for PLU business independent of the university, make sure you follow the insurance coverage instructions provided in Appendix A.  Sponsoring departments are responsible for paying deductibles after an accident.

Drivers who operate an assigned vehicle should make sure that the insurance packet is in the glove box of their vehicle.  The PLU mechanic will check all PLU vehicles when they are fueled and serviced to verify that the accident reporting/insurance information is located within the vehicles.  Please see Appendix A: Traveling on PLU Business and What to do in the Event of a Vehicle Accident (or Crisis) While on PLU Business.

2.8 Enforcement

Campus Safety shall have authority to stop all drivers on the PLU campus when observed driving unsafely or otherwise in violation of this program.  Members of the PLU community are encouraged to report erratic, irresponsible, or unsafe incidents or accidents to Campus Safety.