Department ofCampus Safety

3: Vehicle Condition

Any person assigned to drive a university vehicle or golf cart is responsible for all matters pertaining to the safe operation of the vehicle.  Motor vehicles, including golf carts, shall not be modified in any manner that affects the recommended mode of operation, speed or safety of the vehicle.

3.1 Inspection

The driver is encouraged to conduct an inspection of the vehicle before operation.  The PLU maintenance mechanic may be called upon to teach drivers how to inspect their vehicles.

Use the inspection form in Appendix B to guide the inspection and log any deficiencies or defects found.  Defects or needed repairs must be reported promptly to your supervisor and to Facilities Management.  The vehicle shall be removed from service for any problem that renders the vehicle unsafe until repairs are made.

3.2 Cleanliness

It is the driver's responsibility to keep the vehicle interior clean and free of loose tools and other debris.  The windshield must be kept clean for good visibility.

3.3 Maintenance

PLU drivers who have been assigned a specific vehicle and are the primary user of that vehicle are responsible for minor maintenance activities.  Any vehicle maintenance beyond that stated here is the responsibility of Facilities Management.  It is the driver's responsibility to submit a work request to Facilities Management when service is required.

Drivers are responsible for fueling the vehicle in a safe manner.
  • Do not smoke or conduct fueling operations near a source of ignition.
  • Do not spill fuel.
  • Do not inhale fuel fumes.