Department ofCampus Safety

5: Vehicle Operation

University vehicles represent Pacific Lutheran University and should be driven in a manner so as to create a favorable impression to the public.  Show more than ordinary courtesy and consideration for other drivers and pedestrians.

Secure all doors, end gate enclosures, and equipment before driving.  Drivers and passengers must not throw objects from the vehicle.  All materials being transported must also be secured to prevent material from being blown off of the vehicle.

5.1 Speed

Drivers must operate equipment at a safe speed for roadway conditions.

The on-campus speed limit is 5 miles per hour.  A good "rule of thumb" is to drive at a fast walking pace.  On campus drivers of vehicles and golf carts shall stop at blind intersections and then proceed slowly while looking for pedestrians or other vehicles.

Off campus drivers of vehicles must also comply with the following Vehicle Code requirements governing speed regulations:
  • Basic Speed Law requires a speed that is safe for all conditions including traffic, surface and width of roadway, weather conditions, and visibility.
  • Observe Speed Limits established by Code for certain situations such as blind crossings, business and residential districts, and other special zones established by the posting of speed limit signs, as well as Special Speed Restrictions as established to cover various types of vehicles, trailers or combinations.

5.2 Pedestrians

The campus is a pedestrian - not a vehicle - zone.  Campus pedestrians do not expect vehicles to be on site.  They are, therefore, less aware of the presence and danger of vehicles.  Always give the pedestrian the right-of-way.  Do not sound the horn to warn a pedestrian unless it is necessary to prevent an accident or injury.  While the campus vehicle speed limit is 5-mph, drivers are expected to slow to a walking speed when among crowded pedestrian areas.

Vehicles must remain on paved paths and absolutely avoid taking short cuts through grass, gravel, and other inappropriate driving areas.

5.3 Right of Way

Drivers must drive courteously at all times and should yield the right-of-way to other vehicles or pedestrians whenever there is a question as to who has the right-of-way.

5.4 Backing the Vehicle

Accidents are more likely to occur when backing a vehicle.  Whenever possible, drivers shall drive and park the vehicle so as not to require backing up.

5.5 Parking

Drivers must comply with State and County parking regulations and PLU parking designations except when exemption is granted for work involving construction, operations, entrance or egress.

At any time a university vehicle is parked, it is the driver's responsibility to make certain that the:
  • Wheels are turned into the curb when parked on an incline.
  • Vehicle is taken out of gear and put in park position in those vehicles having automatic transmission.  Whenever possible, vehicles with standard transmission will be left in gear.
  • Parking brake is set.
Drivers shall not park vehicles:
  • In fire lanes.
  • On soft surfaces.
  • In front of building entrances, stairways, ramps, or main thoroughfares or other no parking zones.

5.6 State and Local Laws

Drivers must adhere to all State and Local laws regarding traffic movement and vehicle operations. This includes the prohibited use of cell phones/texting while driving. The use of seatbelts are also required and each passenger must be seated with a properly fastened seatbelt.