Department ofCampus Safety

7: Vehicle Safety Equipment

7.1 Seats and Seat Belts

When driving or riding in a university vehicle or other vehicle used to conduct PLU business, one must sit in a seat designed for this purpose and seat belts must be worn in accordance with state regulations.

Persons may not ride in the back of trucks, golf carts, vans, trailers or in other parts of a vehicle that do no have seats.  If there are not enough passenger seats and seat belts for all passengers, then some people must walk or the driver can make more trips to transport all of the passengers.

The seat belt must be adjusted so that it is snug enough to afford the maximum protection without being uncomfortable.  Fasten the seat belt before moving the vehicle.  Do not attempt to fasten the seat belt while the vehicle is moving.

Seatbelts are not standard equipment on golf carts and are, therefore, not required.

7.2 Headlights

Please use headlights on vehicles that are equipped with lights whenever driving on campus.