What Are My Options?

Have you decided on a major? Or what occupations might be of interest to you? Which employers would be a good match for you? These are big questions and we have a lot of resources to help you find the information you need to find the answers — or at least to narrow down your options to make choosing a path more manageable.


How does my major relate to a career? Gain insight into a by exploring "What Can I Do With A Major In...?" or searching our database to learn what PLU alumni are doing with their majors.

Research and evaluate


The nation's primary source of occupational information.

Occupational outlook handbook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics premier source of career guidance featuring hundreds of occupations.

WOIS (Washington Occupational Information System)

A large database of occupations with specific information about each; including current wages in Washington for most occupations and even education programs that prepare you for specific career paths.

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Career Fair Success
Career Fair Success