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Will the Career Development office place me in a job?
A. No, we will not place you in a job. However, you are encouraged to meet with a career counselor or attend a workshop to enhance your job search skills (resume and cover letter writing, interview tips, networking ideas, etc.). Students and recent grads can access the Career Connections Opportunities Board to browse open positions. Throughout the year, we organize events to connect students with employers and help you build your professional network.
It sounds like Career Development is just an office for people ready to graduate, and I am a first year student. What can you offer for me?
A. It is never too soon to get started! Meeting with a career counselor early in your college career can help you find a major that will be a good fit for you, help you identify your skills and abilities, help you identify careers that you might want to pursue, and be a companion in your search for vocation.
There is a really great job I want to apply for, but I need to submit my resume and cover letter tomorrow.
A. We have some great resources online to help you with your resume and cover letter. Call the Ramstad Commons (253-535-7459) and see if you can get a last minute appointment with a career counselor to review your resume, if one of us isn’t available within your time frame, then ask for the login information for Ready Made Resume. Even if you can’t get an appointment in time to have this resume reviewed, set one up for later and be prepared for the next time you find a really great job posting.
My friend told me about taking a personality test in Career Development. What is that all about?
A. Your friend was most likely talking about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). It isn’t a personality test, but an assessment of your preferences. The MBTI is a useful resource in helping you learn more about yourself; which can provide useful in helping you identify your best environments for being successful. You will need to meet with a Career Counselor to decide if this is the right assessment for you and to interpret the results. Call the Ramstad Commons (253-535-7459) to set up an appointment.
I've heard there is a test I can take that will tell me what career I should pursue. What is this?
A. Most likely you are speaking about the Strong Interest Inventory. The Strong is an assessment that guides you through a process to identify the functional areas (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional) where you have the most interest. This tool can help you see patterns in your interests and will give you ideas about careers and/or majors to explore. You will need to meet with a Career Counselor to decide if this is the right assessment for you and to interpret the results. Call the Ramstad Commons (253-535-7459) to set up an appointment.


Am I still eligible for career assistance after I graduate?
A. Yes, you can use our services up to two years after graduation. You can also create an account at College Central Network. Please go to Alumni Resources.

Faculty & Staff

I'm interested in having Career Development do a presentation for the students in my class. What do you offer?
A. Career Development offers a variety of presentations/workshops that can be custom fit to your needs. Give us a call at 253-535-7459. Let us know what you need and we will see which resources will best fit your need. For more information, please go to the Faculty and Staff Resources page.


I would like to post a job for Pacific Lutheran University students. What should I do?
A. The PLU Career Connections Opportunities Board allows employers to post employment and volunteer opportunities for our students and alumni. The Career Connections Opportunities Board is free for employers to post positions.
I would like to recruit on campus. How do I set something up?
A. If you are interested in recruiting on-campus on a date separate from our Fall or Spring semester Career, Internship, & Graduate Program fair, please call the Career Development office (253-535-7459) and speak with Bobbi Hughes, Director of Employer Relations. Please note that we do not offer tabling on-campus during the last week of classes, finals week, or summer session.
How do I get on your mailing list for the Career, Internship, and Graduate Program fair?
A. Please send an email to Career Development at with your mailing address to be added to our database. If you have additional questions about the fair, then please call the Ramstad Commons front desk 253-535-7459 and ask to speak with Bobbi Hughes.
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