Office ofCareer Connections


You need to be aware of your values as you think about directions for your major, occupation and career.  You want to be sure that you are a “good fit” in terms of your values for the choices you make. You can assess your values by:


  • Complete the Work Importance Locator on WOIS to clarify your work values. Log into the Career Connections Opportunities Board for access.
  • Utilize the Values Worksheet to help you clarify what is most important to you as you pursue your major, occupation and career. You can utilize this list as a resource when you are making decisions.


Do you think you have a “vocational calling?”   What do you feel called to do?

Sometimes your vocation is fulfilled through your work, or through your activities outside of work.

  • You can attend the EXPLORE! retreat during January of your first year at PLU.

  • You can have a discussion with a career counselor.