Cross-Cultural Perspectives (C)

ANTH 102Introduction to Human Cultural Diversity - C, SO
ANTH 210Global Perspectives: The World in Change - C, SO
ANTH 335The Aztecs, Mayans and Their Predecessors - C, SO
ANTH 336Peoples of Latin America - C, SO
ANTH 337Culture and Prehistory of Central Mexico - C, SO
ANTH 340The Anthropology of Africa - C, SO
ANTH 342Pacific Island Cultures - C, SO
ANTH 343East Asian Cultures - C, SO
ANTH 345Contemporary China - C, SO
ANTH 350Women and Men in World Cultures - C, SO
ANTH 352The Anthropology of Age - C, SO
ANTH 355Anthropology and Media - C, SO
ANTH 368Edible Landscapes, The Foraging Spectrum - C, SO
ANTH 370The Archaeology of Ancient Empires - C, SO
ANTH 376Nation, State and Citizen - C, SO
ANTH 377Culture and Prehistory of Central Mexico - C, SO
ANTH 380Sickness, Madness and Health - C, SO
ANTH 385Marriage, Family and Kinship - C, SO
ANTH 392Gods, Magic and Morals - C, SO
BUSA 486ASA: Business Culture in China - C
CHIN 201Intermediate Chinese - C
CHIN 202Intermediate Chinese - C
CHIN 271China Through Film - AR, C
CHIN 301Composition and Conversation - C
CHIN 302Composition and Conversation - C
CHIN 371Chinese Literature in Translation - C, LT
CHSP 250Urban Culture in China - C
COMA 304Intercultural Communication - C
ECON 333Economic Development: Comparative Third World Strategies - C
EDUC 385Comparative Education - C
ENGL 216Topics in Literature: Emphasis on Cross Cultural Perspectives - C, LT
ENGL 233Post-Colonial Literature - C, LT
ENGL 343Post Colonial Literature and Theory - C, LT
FREN 201Intermediate French - C
FREN 202Intermediate French - C
FREN 241French Language/Caribbean Culture in Martinique - C
FREN 301Advanced French - C
FREN 302Advanced French - C
FREN 310Special Topics in French History/Culture - C
FREN 401Early Modern French Literature - C, LT
FREN 402Modern French Literature - C, LT
FREN 403Contemporary French Literature - C, LT
FREN 404(Post) Colonial Francophone Literature - C, LT
GERM 201Intermediate German I - C
GERM 202Intermediate German II - C
GERM 231Language, Art and Culture in the New Germany - C
GERM 301Composition and Conversation I - C
GERM 302Composition and Conversation II - C
GERM 321German Cultural History to 1750 - C
GERM 322German Cultural History Since 1750 - C
GERM 331Language, Art and Culture in the New Germany - C
GERM 423Topics in German Literature and Culture I - C, LT
GERM 424Topics in German Literature and Culture II - C, LT
GREK 201Intermediate Greek - C
GREK 202Intermediate Greek - C
HISP 201Intermediate Spanish - C
HISP 202Intermediate Spanish C
HISP 231Intensive Spanish in Latin America - C
HISP 301Hispanic Voices for Social Change - C
HISP 321Civilization & Culture of Spain - C
HISP 322Latin American Civilization & Culture - C
HISP 325Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies - C, LT
HISP 331Intensive Spanish in Latin America - C
HISP 401Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics - C
HISP 402Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition - C
HISP 421Masterpieces of Spanish Literature - C, LT
HISP 42220th-Century Literature of Spain - C, LT
HISP 423Special Topics in Spanish Literature & Culture - C, LT
HISP 431Latin American Literature 1492 to 1888 - C, LT
HISP 43220th-Century Latin American Literature - C, LT
HIST 109East Asian Societies - C, SO
HIST 210Global Perspectives: The World in Change - C, SO
HIST 215Modern World History - C, SO
HIST 220Modern Latin American History - C, SO
HIST 231World War Two in China and Japan, 1931-1945 - C, SO
HIST 232Tibet in Fact and Fiction - C, SO
HIST 233Modern Korea - C
HIST 335History of the Caribbean - C
HIST 337The History of Mexico - C
HIST 338Modern China - C
HIST 339Revolutionary China - C
HIST 340Modern Japan 1868-1945 - C
HIST 344The Andes in Latin American History - C
HIST 377History of Mexico in Oaxaca - C, SO
HIST 496Seminar: Non-Western History - C, SR
IHON 326The Quest for Social Justice: Systems and Reality - H3
IHON 328Social Justice: Personal Inquiry and Global Investigations - C, H3
LATN 201Intermediate Latin - C
LATN 202Intermediate Latin - C
MUSI 105The Arts of China - AR, C
MUSI 106Music of Scandinavia - AR, C
MUSI 120AMusic and Culture - AR, C
MUSI 120BMusic and Culture - AR, C
NORW 201Intermediate Norwegian - C
NORW 202Intermediate Norwegian - C
NORW 301Conversation & Composition - C
NORW 302Advanced Conversation and Composition - C
NORW 331Language & Identity: Norwegian in a Nordic Context - C
POLS 210Global Perspectives: The World in Change - C, SO
POLS 381Comparative Legal Systems - C, SO
POLS 386The Middle East - C, SO
RELI 131The Religions of South Asia - C, RG
RELI 132The Religions of East Asia - C, RG
RELI 232The Buddhist Tradition - C, RG
RELI 233The Religions of China - C, RG
RELI 235Islamic Traditions - C, RG
RELI 237Judaism - C, RG
RELI 238The Religions of Korea and Japan - C, RG
RELI 246Religion and Diversity - C, RG
RELI 247Christian Theology - C, RC
RELI 341Church History Studies - C, RC
RELI 344Theological Studies - C, RC
RELI 347Major Religious Thinkers, Texts and Genres - C, RC or RG
RELI 390Topics in Comparative Religions - C, RG
RELI 392God, Magic, and Morals - C, RG
SCAN 286Sámi Culture in Global Indigenous Contexts - A or C
SOCI 377Oaxacan Society - C, SO
SOCW 325Social, Educational, and Health Services in Tobago - C
THEA 271China Through Film - AR, C

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