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Foundations of Faith Community Nursing 

The course is a five-day experience-based program which consists of presentations, small group experiences, interactive work and play, meditation and creative worship. It has been designed to help the parish nurse learn to model health as well as to promote health and healing. Parish nursing offers new and meaningful opportunities to care for people in a unique and significant way. The Parish Nurse roles of health promotion, risk reduction and disease prevention focus on the whole person, holding the spiritual dimensions to be central to the practice.

Parish nursing is a recognized specialty practice that combines professional nursing and health ministry. Parish nursing emphasizes health and healing within a faith community. The philosophy of parish nursing embraces four major concepts: spiritual formation; professionalism; shalom as health and wholeness; and community, incorporating culture and diversity.

Pacific Lutheran University in cooperation with Northwest Parish Nurse Ministries of Portland Oregon and Franciscan Health System in Tacoma offers the nationally endorsed curriculum from the International Parish Nurse Resource Center. 

An experiential project is required for all participants.

The course is open to interested RNs with at least two year of nursing experience. Optional academic credit is available for BSN prepared RNs.

The curriculum:

  • Focuses on core concepts of spiritual formation; professionalism; shalom as health and wholeness; and community, incorporating culture and diversity.
  • Encourages individual spiritual growth.
  • Is developed from a Judeo-Christian theological framework of care and is applicable to and respectful of other faith traditions.
  • Is inclusive of socio-cultural and geographic diversity including ethnicity, gender, lifestyle, sexual orientation and faith traditions.
  • Includes various ways of thinking and knowing such as the application of the nursing process which involves assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation; a theological perspective is also emphasized.
  • Develops the nurse for a leadership role in collaborative health ministry.
  • Supplies the content to develop and sustain a parish nursing practice.
  • Fosters interdisciplinary collaboration among educators.

When: Wednesday-Friday, April 2, 3, 4, 2014 AND Thursday & Friday, May 8 & 9, 2014 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Where:  Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma Washington

Fees:  $519.00 for Contact Hours OR  $649.00 for Academic Credit (2 semester hours)

Registration Information

BY PHONE: Call (253) 535-7683. Please have your credit card ready.

BY MAIL: Make your check or money order out to: PLU – CNE and fill out the registration form located here

Mail to: Continuing Nursing Education, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma WA 98447-0003