Campus Posting Guidelines

  • Commercial advertising signs are not permitted except when sponsored by a university department (e.g., the bookstore, athletic department), ASPLU, or Residence Hall Association, or when the Residential Life and/or Student Involvement & Leadership determine they are in the general interest of the university community.
  • Except for the residence hall bulletin boards, all university bulletin boards are classified as either general or reserved. Only “general” university bulletin boards may be used for commercial advertising purposes. These boards are located in the Columbia Center, Eastvold Auditorium, Hauge Administration Building, Ingram Hall, Memorial Gymnasium, Mortvedt Library, Olson Auditorium, University Center and Xavier Hall. All materials posted on boards must be approved for posting and be stamped accordingly or they will be removed. Approval for general bulletin boards may be obtained in the ASPLU Office, and in the Residential Life office for residence halls. Posters will be removed within 24 hours of the event
  • Students who wish to advertise personal goods (such as books or bunk beds) or services (such as rides or typing) may use residence hall bulletin boards with the approval of the Resident Director.
  • To maintain the beauty of campus, no promotional materials may be affixed to trees, shrubbery, light standards, benches, sculptures, signs, vehicles, trash receptacles, fire hydrants, flag poles, or exteriors of buildings.
  • Advertising with chalk must be approved by Student Involvement and Leadership in the University Center. The specific wording must be presented to SIL for approval. All chalk advertising must be erased within 24 hours, by 8am the next day.