Annual Registration Process

Recognized clubs must submit an annual registration form each May. It is required that a registration form for the new year be completed at the end of the current academic year and be filed in the Student Involvement and Leadership Office no later than May 18th. The club president is responsible for updating SIL of any changes that occur during the academic year. The Annual Registration Form can be secured online here.

Organization Consultants

If a club were having difficulty with their organizational structure, the Clubhouse (UC 135) would be able to offer consultations and recommendations for restructuring if needed. Contact Kat Slaby (253-535-8319) or Email ( .

Clubs/Orgs Workstation

The Clubhouse Computer Workstation with Microsoft Office Suite and digital imaging software such as Photoshop is available inside the Clubhouse (UC 135). This is another free tool provided by the Clubhouse that club members can use in order to create, gather, and sort club digital contents and media.


The Clubhouse (UC 135) provides butcher paper available in a variety of colors including black, yellow, green, purple, turquoise, red, and orange.  These papers, along with other art supplies inside the Clubs & Orgs Office such as poster paint, construction paper, brushes, glue, color chalk, tape, and color pencils, are free for students to use anytime they wish for club purposes but do try to keep it in the clubhouse.

Meeting Spaces

Several areas on campus make good club meeting spots. On the lower AUC level, the Diversity Center (AUC 150) and Clubhouse (AUC 135) both offer cozy and quiet spaces where you can chill out with your group on big plushy couches. If a lot of people are attending the meeting, you can use the space right outside of the Clubhouse, beneath the stairs. This area provides more comfy seats and room if your club meeting requires them. Residential lounge areas usually equipped with chairs, sofas, tables, and a TV can also be convenient places for club meetings.

Storage Lockers

Clubs are welcome to request a storage locker in the Clubhouse (AUC 135). These lockers have built-in combination locks and give club members a convenient on-campus spot to securely store club stuff. Contact Kat Slaby (253-535-8319; to make the request. You can keep the locker for as long as your club is using it. After two years of club inactivity, however, your locker will be available for other clubs to use upon request. Come to the Clubs & Orgs Office located inside the Clubhouse to ask for your club’s locker combination if it slipped your mind.

Club Archives

The Club Archives bookshelf is located in the Clubhouse (AUC 135) and holds Club Archive binders for all PLU clubs and organizations. Each club binder is divided into sections to help organize club documents:

Club Registration Documents & Current Officer Contact Info

  1. Registration forms
  2. E-mail forms
  3. Club start-up material

Club Notes

  1. Notices
  2. Club meeting minutes
  3. Any club-related docs not related to events, finances, and historical docs

Programming Documents

  1. Event flyers or advertisements
  2. E-mails to members about events or meetings
  3. E-mails or paperwork throughout the event planning process
  4. Event summaries

Financial Documents

  1. Appropriations requests
  2. Budget
  3. Receipts

Historical Documents

  1. All documents from previous years

All documents of defunct clubs are stored on the bottom Club Archives shelf.  Personal supplies of defunct clubs go into SIL storage.