Reimbursements Under $75

If a club officer pays for goods related to a club function or need, an original receipt must be attached to a Reimbursement Request Form located on the Clubs and Orgs website ( and presented to the Clubhouse or SIL for reimbursement approval. If you do not have a proper receipt, you or your club member may not be reimbursed except under the rarest of circumstances.

Reimbursements Over $75

If your reimbursement exceeds $75.00, the university will not give you cash on the spot, but will require a check request form.  This may and can take up to two weeks’ time.  If you want the check mailed to your home, provide the Business Office with a stamped envelope.  Otherwise, leave your phone number so that they can call you once the check has been issued and can be picked up. Again, if you do not have a proper receipt, you or your club member may not be reimbursed for your expenditure.

Check Requests

Check request forms are available in the Clubhouse or online.  Complete the request, attach supporting material (i.e. receipts), get approval from the Clubhouse or SIL and forward the request to the Business Office.  Retain a copy for your records. Please note, checks are only processed once a week.  Approved requests must be in the Business Office no later than a Monday for check issuance on Friday.

Cash Advance

Rather than using your own money for club purchases, you are entitled to request a cash advance for up to $50 from the Business Office.  The cash advance form must be approved by the Clubhouse or SIL before presenting it to the cashier in the Business Office.

Once you have purchased the items you need, original receipts and any money that is left must be taken to the Business Office for reconciling against the cash advance.  Unreconciled advances will be debited from your student account.  Don’t forget to retain copies for your records!


The university allows $.45 per mile reimbursement for travel on official club business.  You must complete an Auto Mileage Form and submit it to your advisor for approval.  The amount will then be paid out of your club account and appear as an expense on your Banner activity report.  See travel section for more details!

Depositing Money

SIL or the Business Office will provide you with deposit slips.  You can deposit any income at the Business Office window.  The four-digit extension for account income is 5706.  Make sure you retain copies of all deposit slips for your records!!!

Signature Authorization

Student Involvement and Leadership Administrators that can sign your cash advances, reimbursements and check requests:

Ian Jamieson, Assistant Director of SIL (AUC 161)
Eva Johnson, Director of SIL (AUC 161)