If you would like more information regarding a specific club, please contact the club president and/or a club e-mail if one is provided.

Alpha Psi Omega

ΑΨΩ is an American recognition honor society recognizing students in collegiate theatre.

  • President:  Mitchell Helton
  • Advisor:  Henry Loughman
  • Email:  apo@plu.edu
  • Website: https://sites.google.com/a/plu.edu/apo/

Alpha Upsilon Sigma

American Marketing Association

Sponsored by the Puget Sound Chapter of the National American Marketing Association, AMA encourages students to uphold sound, honest marketing practices, engages in professional practice, improves marketing research, and develops and promotes better understanding between students, faculty and business people.  Open to students of all disciplines.

  • President:  Kyle Parsons
  • Advisor:  Mark Mulder
  • Email:  ama@plu.edu
  • Website: www.plu.edu/~ama


The goal of the anime club is to provide an environment to discuss and celebrate Japanese culture, with a focus on anime.

  • President: Brendan Farley
  • Advisor: Natalie op de Beeck
  • Email: anime@plu.edu

Anthropology Club

Anthropology Club seeks to educate students about culture and is committed to fighting ethnocentrism.

Asian-Pacific Islanders Club

  • President: Matthew Orcilla
  • Advisor: Brandon Bruan
  • Email: api@plu.edu

Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Ro Chapter

ΒΑΨ, the national scholastic and professional accounting fraternity, which promotes the study and practice of accounting, provides opportunities for self development and association among member, and encourages ethical, social, and public responsibilities.  Open to declared accounting, finance, and information management students who have taken upper division courses in those areas and have maintained a 3.0 GPA.

  • President: Nicholaus Townsend-Falck
  • Advisor: Dr. Gaurac Gupta
  • Email:  bap@plu.edu
  • Website: www.plu.edu/bap

Biology Club

Biology club is dedicated to supporting students within the discipline of biology by providing opportunities to experience biology-related activities outside of the classroom, building a network among biology students, and working with professors in an effort to promote collaborative learning.

  • President: Jessica Brown
  • Advisor: Amy Siegesmund
  • Email: bioclub@plu.edu

Black Student Union

Description: Black Student Union seeks to raise awareness of Black culture on PLU’s campus through education and community engagement.

  • President: D’Ajah Johnson
  • Advisor: Angie Hambrick

Body Love

Body Love creates a welcoming and safe environment open to anyone who struggles with body issues, eating disorders, and self-worth.  The club meets to discuss the everyday struggles surrounding body image and the many negative forces with which we interact.

Chemistry Club

Chemistry club invites students to explore the exciting and engaging world of Chemistry by performing outreach to PLU and high school students in order to demonstrate the importance of chemistry and its applications to society as a whole.

  • President: Sean Murphy
  • Advisor: Andrea Munro
  • Website: www.chem.plu.edu/chemclub

Chinese Studies Club

The Chinese Studies Club seeks to connect students interested in Chinese language, art, and culture through opportunities to participate in various activities such as Sunday mahjong, Chinese cooking, and badminton.  A major or minor in Chinese Studies is not a requirement for joining–it is open to everyone!

  • President: Lian Pauly
  • Advisor: Paul Manfredi

Circle K International

Circle K is a student organization dedicated to public service and citizenship. Live to serve, love to serve.

  • President:  Zhakaysha Garrett
  • Advisor: Allison Stephens
  • Email: circlek@plu.edu
  • Website: www.plu.edu/~circlek

Club Keithley

Club Keithley connects the PLU community with the Parkland community through service and community outreach.  Club Keithley serves Keithley Middle School through classroom volunteering, mentoring, and work with the boys and girls club.  Their goal is to serve as role models and to show the kids that they are valued.

  • President: Jess Tveit
  • Advisor: Diana Duclos
  • Email: clubkms@plu.edu

Colleges Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer (Relay For Life) brings together students to fight against cancer through raising funds and awareness of different causes of cancer.

  • President: Hannah Andrascik
  • Advisor: Allison Stephens
  • Email: plurelay@plu.edu
  • Website: www.plurelay.org

Computer Science Club

  • President: Timothy Ernst
  • Advisor: George Hauser


The Collegiate Washington Music Educators Association is dedicated to developing the skills, as well as expanding the sense of professionalism and passion within its membership and the greater community.

  • President: Kristina Knutson
  • Advisor: Dr. Linda Miller

Dance Club

Members of dance club rehearse and perform dance pieces both on and off campus.  Dance Club seeks to facilitate the technical development of its members as well as to find opportunities for them to share their talents.

  • President: Elizabeth Maloney
  • Advisor: Maureen McGill
  • Email: dance@plu.edu

Delta Iota Chi Nursing Club

ΔΙΧ’s purpose is to promote nursing leadership through networking, community service, and advocacy.

  • President: Vanessa Jodway
  • Advisor: Christina Peppin

Disney Club

To take a deeper look inside Disney’s Heritage, understand the different branches of the Walt Disney Company and their purposes, and provide a common place for Disney fans to meet and discuss at Pacific Lutheran University.

  • President: Liz Perkins
  • Advisor: Nancy Connors

Econ Club

Economics club, sponsored by the national honors society Omicron Delta Epsilon, unites students with a common interest in economics and promotes career-related opportunities.

  • President: Thomas Kim
  • Advisor: Mark Reiman
  • Email: econclub@plu.edu

Feminist Student Union

  • President: Chynna Boonlom
  • Advisor: Jennifer Smith

Gary Baughm MSF Student Investment Fund

The Gary Baughn MSF Student Investment Fund provides Master’s students the opportunity to manage an investment portfolio to enhance their analytical abilities and gain real world experience investing in global markets. Students in the MSF and MBA programs are welcome.

  • President: TBD
  • Advisor: Dr. Tim Mooney
  • Email: gradsif@plu.edu

Geo Club

Geo Club is a group of rock-lovers committed to supporting each other in our journey of learning about how the earth works. We watch cool natural disaster films, eat homemade cookies, go on hikes, and wear lots of flannel. Join Geo Club for a rockin’ time!

  • President: Liz Tapler
  • Advisor: Claire Todd
  • Email: geoclub@plu.edu


The goal of GREAN, Grassroots Environmental Action Now, is to promote environmental action on campus and in the community.

Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter

Habitat for Humanity serves to engage students in meaningful service experiences, to learn more about housing issues in the Tacoma/Pierce County area, and to promote the work and mission of Habitat for Humanity.

  • President: Doug Smith
  • Advisor: Amy Stewart-Maihiot
  • Email: habitat@plu.edu


“Sassy, Brassy, and Classy.” HERmonic is a female group that performs and entertains through a’capella music, priding themselves on their individuality and spirit.

  • President: Annie Herzog
  • Advisor: Richard Nance
  • Email: hermonicacappella@gmail.com