If you would like more information regarding a specific club, please contact the club president and/or a club e-mail if one is provided.

Queer Ally Student Union

QASU is PLU’s Queer Ally Student Union, an organization that exists to support, empower, and educate PLU and its surrounding communities on issues related to Queer people and Queer culture.  Through facilitating discussion and interactivity with creative programming, Harmony hopes to inspire others to connect and to become proud allies.  Harmony hosts many events including National Coming Out Day, Ally Appreciation Day, and Pride Week during the month of April.

  • President: Michael Cargill
  • Advisor: Abigail Blankner
  • Email: qasu@plu.edu

ROTC Cadet Activities Council

The mission of the Cadet Activities Council is to foster a positive and enjoyable environment for all PLU ROTC cadets.

  • President: Ashley Piehl
  • Advisor: MAJ Angela Gentruy


The  purpose of SAPET is to educate and create awareness about culture, gender, and sexual violence and to create dialogue to stop the occurrence of sexual assault.

  • President: Jacynda Woodman-Ross
  • Advisor: Jennifer Warwick
  • Email: sapet@plu.edu

Scandinavian Club

The mission of the PLU Scandinavian Club is to build cross-cultural bridges between Scandinavian and American student by promoting Scandinavian and American cultures through a variety of social events and trips.

  • President: Medeleine Brekke
  • Advisor: Elisabeth Ward


The Society for Human Resource Management is focused on connecting students to professionals in the workplace; through the mentorship program mentors can help students make the leap from classroom to boardroom. The main purpose of this program is to help students gain insightful information on current HR issues and learn about the HR field outside of the classroom through contact with an HR professional.

  • President: Miguel Smith
  • Advisor: Linda Gibson
  • Email: shrm@plu.edu

Smash club

This is a PLU club dedicated to providing a time and place for both casual & pro level play of the game Super Smash Bros (all versions). Gaining pro technique will be strongly encouraged, but it most certainly not required and all level players are invited to join the brawl. For any questions regarding the club, please email us and/or join the group on Facebook for club announcements & news.

Society for Professional Journalists

The Society of Professional Journalists promotes the free flow of information vital to a well-informed public, student body, and community.

  • President: Reland Tuomi
  • Advisor: Joanne Lisosky
  • Email: spj@plu.edu

Students for Life

Students for Life is a club dedicated to seek to protect the sanctity of life from conception to natural death from threats such as abortion, and infanticide.

Students of the Left

Students of the Left will strive to provide a forum in which interested students can explore topics pertaining to social, economic, and environmental justice at a variety of scales, from local to global.

  • President: Carly Brook
  • Advisor: Peter Grosvener
  • Email: soleft@plu.edu

Swing Club

Swing Dance Club is a place for students to come together and learn how to swing dance.  Everyone is welcome and everyone is a teacher.

  • President: Katrina Watson
  • Advisor: Emily Fahey
  • Email: swing@plu.edu


VDAY strives to end violence against women.

  • President: Ingrid Clark
  • Advisor: Jennifer Smith
  • Email: vdayplu@plu.edu

Voices for Choice

  • President: Natasha Laitila
  • Advisor: Lizz Zitron

Vpstart Crow

Vpstart Crow is a club devoted to producing minimalist, avant-garde theatre at PLU. The idea was founded on an ardent desire to push themselves and each other as individual practitioners as far as they could by working with new forms of theatre rarely accessed by Students at PLU before.

  • President: Sarah Hubert
  • Advisor: Jeff Clapp

Yu-Gi-Oh Club

Yu-Gi-Oh is a club dedicated to playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card game for fun and competitively.