Bringing People Together

No matter the purpose of the club you’re starting or your goals, applying for formal recognition for your club is a process that allows you to evaluate why your starting your club in the first place.  Forming a club is more than just getting a group of people together—it’s about bringing people together to make things happen.  Combined with PLU’s commitment to service and leadership, your application is the first step to becoming a member of a strong community, held together by its common want to unite people.

Once your club is founded, you’ll be able to:
  • participate in the Fall Involvement Fair and Spring Club Week
  • use university facilities and spaces like the Cave or the Regency Room
  • access your own club email & website
  • advertise on approved university boards
  • sponsor speakers on campus
  • conduct fundraising activities
  • request funds from the Appropriations Board
  • receive regular communication and support from SIL

Starting Your Club

  1. Fill out the Petition for Formal Recognition
  2. Write a Constitution for your organization
  3. Turn your Petition and Constitution to the Clubs & Orgs office for approval

Club Recognition

Registered clubs can reserve and use PLU facilities for meetings and activities, advertise, request funding from the Appropriations Board (facilitated by the Financial Director for ASPLU), The Clubs and Organizations Advisory Board and other on-campus sources and participate in leadership opportunities for club members.

Petition for Formal Recognition

Students wanting to form a new organization submit a constitution, leadership roster, and advisor signature, petitioners must show there is sufficient student interest to sustain the organization by submitting a list of charter members with their signatures.  The Petition for Formal Recognition is available in HERE.  Clubs may hold organizational interest meetings with the approval of SIL.  Any club organizing an event, fundraising, advertising on-campus or otherwise conducting business before recognition jeopardizes the recognition process! Once the petition and constitution are submitted then a meeting may be set up with an SIL staff member. Clubs that have been inactive for more than two academic years (four successive semesters) become defunct and must re-petition for formal recognition.

Religious Groups

Religious groups must be approved by the Campus Ministry Council (CMC).  After completing the Petition for Formal Recognition and receiving approval from SIL, leaders of the proposed club should meet with the Campus Pastors and begin the CMC recognition process.  Once the CMC has recognized the club, the CMC chair will notify SIL that the group can be recognized as a student organization.  Final approval is granted by CMC. Annual Registration is done through the Campus Ministry Office.